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  • Campaign Invitations Section Restored

    Since our update to vBulletin 4, the Campaign Invitations section has lacked a number of the search options that it used to have. These are all now restored and there are a couple of new items you can search on as well. As of this evening's update, you can now search for online campaigns or campaigns in your area by:

    • Distance from your profile location.
    • Genre (Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, etc)
    • Style - Does the group favor heavy combat, heavy roleplay, or somewhere in between?
    • LFP status - Is the game still looking for players?
    • Frequency - How often does the group meet?
    • Days of Week - Include games that run on the days chosen.

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    1. cplmac's Avatar
      cplmac -
      Nice, I believe there were some folks that have been waiting for this. Hopefully this will make their searches turn up more results that they can actually use.