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  • [D-3 Games] USA FIFTY - Coming This Summer!

    D3 Games presents a Neptune City Narrative:


    The best nation on Earth deserves the best heroes for its defense. Whether they walk boulevards of Hollywood, look over the oil fields of the North Slope, or can hike the Grand Canyon on the way to grandma’s house, the Champions of the Western United States stand strong in the face of injustice. They are the chosen few, the best heroes each state of the union can offer, forged into a team that makes a mighty weapon against evil. They help you make sure you know who’s running the country. They protect the USA from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the Attorney General has them on speed-dial.

    USA:50 – WEST contains:

    • Detailed write-ups for the Western Heroes, and their arch-enemies.
    • Timelines of events in the Neptune City Universe
    • Methods for integrating this book into your campaign.
    • Plot ideas to keep your players guessing the agenda of the USA-5O
    • Designed for use with Champions, 6th Edition Hero System.
    Produced by Jason and Anne Yarnell, Edited by Elliott Davis, Written by Egyptoid, Bob Greenwade, and the whole Legion of Heroes from Front Cover Artwork by Alyssa Few, and back by Malcom McClinton, Illustrations by Manda-Panda, Rainville, Gong, Leblanc and Exhalia & many others.
    This article was originally published in blog: Coming This Summer! started by JasonYarnell