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  • Choose Your Own Adventure! PPG Style

    Since taking over to help Farcaster with operating this site, I as hit with some projects that needed to be wrapped up. While those are still ongoing (Red Aegis RPG), I have some downtime where I'll need to focus on something else. Adventure-writing has always been a part of my blood from the beginning, and I love to keep up the craft as time permits. One idea I came up with is a shared-experience where I take tiered responses from the community that will help inform the actual adventure.

    Head over to the General RPG forum and look for the stickies as they relate to this adventure. These will come and go fairly quickly (3 days for each). Whether 1 person participates, or 100, the adventure will be crafted based on their respective outcome.

    This adventure will use D&D 5e rules, though I'm sure our gifted membership will find awesome ways of repurposing it for their own preferences.

    Let's get on it!