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  • Red Aegis PREORDER!

    Vorpal Games is proud to announce the official preorder for the Red Aegis RPG. If you missed the Kickstarter, this is an excellent opportunity to jump in while the water is hot (we won't be reprinting it). Secondary to this, we're tossing in some special incentives for those who support the project. I'll be raffling off a limited-edition signed hard-copy to one supporter that picks up the Digital Boxed Set (which already includes everything).

    For Pen & Paper Games users: Should you win, I'll make sure to get legendary author and world-builder Ed Greenwood to sign and personalize it as well.

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    1. Morashitar's Avatar
      Morashitar -
      Just bought the Red Aegis pdf versions and provided my rpgdrivethru email account to send it to? I am looking forward to learning the game.
    1. Matt James's Avatar
      Matt James -
      Thanks Mora!