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  • Battle Plans: X-Wing Turn Zero Article

    Here's a great article from the 2013 World Champ for X-Wing: Paul Heaver. There's some really good insight in this article about how the metagame works, and what you should look for before any dice are rolled. This has applicability to not only tactical miniatures war-gaming, but other games as well. We sometimes get caught up in the wrong aspects of the game, and forget to step back and look from a higher altitude. Over the coming months, we'll try to get some articles up that help you look at games from different perspectives.
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    1. Matt James's Avatar
      Matt James -
      Do we have any X-Wing players here? I am fascinated by the movement phase mechanics--which look to have been inspired by Ares Games's Wings of Glory.
    1. Morashitar's Avatar
      Morashitar -
      I love the models. The world champs must have had a great time playing the game that is for sure. I had a chance to read the site and there are a lot of good suggestions on how to make the most out of a game as of being a better GM. Thanks for the article, I learned a lot from it.