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  • Chat Room Upgrade: Savage Worlds Initiative

    Savage Worlds is one of the most popular games played here in the P&PG Chat Rooms, and to help support the unique initiative system of Savage Worlds, each room now has its own deck of cards. You can interact with the deck by simply typing /draw to draw a card from the deck, or /shuffle to reshuffle the deck. Each deck has the standard 52 cards + 2 Jokers.

    Keep in mind that the deck is persistent. It will not be reshuffled until the shuffle command is used. If you are starting a new session, you'll want to make sure you shuffle the deck before you take initiative.

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    1. Farcaster's Avatar
      Farcaster -
      Also you can now use the command /lastcard to get a list of the last cards everyone in the room has drawn.
    1. jpatterson's Avatar
      jpatterson -
      Is there a way to draw a number of cards? Anyway, this is awesome, Farcaster. Thanks so much, very cool! We've been using it, it really adds something!
    1. AzgrymnThePale's Avatar
      AzgrymnThePale -
      Awesome addition!
    1. amandapowell's Avatar
      amandapowell -
      Here is the errata for Savage Worlds Deluxe. ... There are several edges that require skills of a certain die, forcing you to upgrade them.