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  • New File Added: Courts of the Shadow Fey (PDF Poster Map)

    Downloads: A new gaming resource has been added by Farcaster:

    Courts of the Shadow Fey (PDF Poster Map)

    Reviewers have said "this adventure is what 4e has needed since it came out" and this map shows the core locations of one of the richest, darkest, and most treacherous adventures ever created for 4th Edition D&D.

    The Courts of the Shadow Fey adventure takes place within an enormous palace complex, a place of many factions, assassinations, duels, and treacherous demons. This free download offers you an overview of all major areas of the courts, from the shadow bridge to the audience chambers, and from the kitchens to the duke's chambers!

    For more details, pick up the Courts of the Shadow Fey print edition or PDF adventure the map is yours to keep.

    With overlapping images, it's easy to put together from a few sheets either Legal-size or A4 paper, as you prefer.

    Invent your own shadow court, or visit one fully fleshed out for Paragon adventuring!