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  • Chat Room: Exploding Dice

    Now that we've settled in with the new chat room software and I've finally managed to get the dice roller stable, I've started working on expanding the dice rolling functions beyond the mundane roll-x-die-y-times. The first and most requested feature was for exploding dice. And what red blooded gamer WOULDN'T want dice that exploded?!

    The syntax is simple. In chat, add the letter "e" to your dice roll, like this:

    /roll 2d6e

    If any of the dice rolled are maxed, it will roll again and add the total to the die. If that rerolled die is also maxed, it will keep rolling. For instance, 2d6e could result in: 3 and 15, where the 15 was a result of 6, 6, and 3.

    You can also specify a lower value to explode on by adding a number after the "e", like this:

    /roll 1d20e19

    In the example above, if a 19 or 20 was rolled, the die would be rolled again and added to the total. FYI, this could result in a die total that looks like it should have exploded, such as 20, where the 20 was actually 19 and 1.