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  • Kobold Quarterly Running a Promotion for P&PG Members

    Holy rusted nails, Batman! It has been a while since my last update. How the heck have you all been?

    I just wanted to drop everyone a note and let you know that our friends over at Kobold Quarterly are running another great promotion for Pen & Paper Games members. From now until the end of September, you can save 50% off your subscription to Kobold Quarterly, or get a free 100-page adventure from Open Design with a new print+PDF subscription. (New subscriptions only, please.)

    Award-winning Kobold Quarterly gives you great 4E D&D and Pathfinder options, adventures, maps, and monsters---and now you can pick up a PDF subscription for half the cover price, just $12 per year. Or if you love having the issue show up at your door, subscribe to the printed edition, and you can order a free PDF of any back issue.

    Just include code "Pen+Paper" in the discounts field during checkout to take advantage of the PDF subscription at half price.

    Print subscribers, your PDF adventure is free with your order. Choose either Courts of the Shadow Fey (4e) by Wolfgang Baur OR Tales of the Old Margreve (Pathfinder) by Tim & Eileen Connors. Just write your choice in the NOTES section of the order form when you subscribe to the print+PDF subscription.

    This offer ends Sept 30th!

    Your subscription starts with the current issue and includes the 100-page Summer issue. So, get on over there and subscribe today!