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  • Kobold Quarterly Now 50% off for P&PG Members!

    Greetings, all!

    I've been working with Wolfgang Baur recently on some web related projects. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to meet Wolfgang before, he's the "Kobold-in-Chief" for Open Design LLC and the editor-in-chief for the Kobold Quarterly magazine. He's also an immanently approachable, all around nice guy. So, when I hit him up about passing on some sweet discounts to our members here at P&PG, he was more than amenable. (score!)

    Until the end of this week, March 19th, you can save 50% off your subscription to Kobold Quarterly!

    Award-winning Kobold Quarterly gives you great 4E D&D and Pathfinder options, adventures, maps, and monsters---and now you can pick up a PDF subscription for half the cover price, just $12 per year. Or if you love having the issue show up at your door, subscribe to the printed edition, and you can order a free PDF of any back issue.

    Just include code P4N+P4P3R in the discounts field during checkout to take advantage of the PDF subscription at half price, or use FR33PDF for the free back issue with any print+PDF subscription. (Please, new subscriptions only.)

    This offer ends March 19!

    Your subscription starts with the current issue and includes the 100-page Summer issue. So, get on over there and subscribe today!
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    1. Farcaster's Avatar
      Farcaster -
      I've received a few emails from members who were having problems using the FR33PDF code for the special Kobold Quarterly promotion. To use that offer, you have to first add both the print+pdf subscription AND the backdated PDF you are choosing to receive free before you checkout. Then it will definitely work. Sorry for the confusion, all.