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    by Published on 03-28-2010 06:38 PM
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    We've added a new widget to the front page that now shows you the five most recent users who have registered in your area. Check it out! And, if you have ideas for other things you'd like to see added to our home page, please feel free to let us know.
    by Published on 03-28-2010 04:01 PM
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    Ever since we moved to the latest version of FlashChat, there have been numerous problems reported. As a result, I've regressed the chat room back to the previous version, which still works -- mostly -- with the new version of vBulletin. The only immediate problem with using the old version is that it no longer handles automatic logins, so you will have to provide your user name and password to access it. The user name and password are exactly the same as your forum credentials, however.

    This is just a temporary measure to get things more stable in the chat room though. At this point, I think the chat section has become popular enough that we really need to look into finding something that will integrate with the site and be more stable. I have a couple of different packages I am eying, but if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to contact me with them.
    by Published on 03-26-2010 05:46 PM
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    Article Preview


    Free Preview;
    Full-product available 04/01/10

    Proud, tall and powerful, the lion-like litorians are the noble savages of the Lands of the Diamond Throne. Even as they spread, struggle and prosper away from their ancestral homes on the central plains of Dor-Erthenos, they carry the deeds of their forefathers and the honor of their people like a regal cloak. Litorians examines the secrets, abilities and psychology of Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved's plains-dwelling race and reveals why they are so much more than just "cat people".
    by Published on 03-24-2010 12:55 AM
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    This past weekend, Pen & Paper Games underwent a fairly major update to upgrade our forums from vBulletin 3 to vBulletin 4. The newest version of vBulletin brought with it a number of enhancements that are too numerous to even list here, but while we were at it, we put in a few enhancements of our own. I'd like to invite everyone to come check out the new site. As you do, here are some of the changes you can expect ...
    by Published on 03-23-2010 11:00 PM
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    Mind Storm Labs is pleased to announce the upcoming release of, "The Adventures of Little Yoshida" set in the Alpha Omega universe.

    "Life outside the “civilized” arcologies is a deadly gamble, and those who want to travel the Wilds know to rely on savvy guides like Little Yoshida to get them where they need to go. But when a simple expedition turns out to be more than meets the eye, Yoshida is faced with a horrific decision. Will she help the corporations she hates achieve goals she abhors, to save the companion she loves? Sacrifice or compromise? Solitude or self-loathing? Which path leads the the lesser hell?"

    Little Yoshida’s story arc will be told over nine episodes with the first episode scheduled for release in April 2010. The purchase price includes all nine episodes. The storyline will include new NPC’s, locations and full color illustrations.

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: For the last ten years, Jess Hartley has worked as a novelist and freelance writer, editor and game developer. She has written extensively for White Wolf Publishing, for the World of Darkness core game line, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, Promethean: The Created, Changeling: The Lost, Hunter: The Vigil, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Exalted (Second Edition), and Scion. She’s also done work in the gaming industry for Margaret Weis Productions on the Supernatural RPG line.

    More information about Jess can be found through her website at

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