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  • Hounds of G.O.D. Released

    Adam J. Weber Games has released their third role playing game, Hounds of G.O.D.

    In the future, there are horrors only werewolves can face.

    In Hounds of G.O.D. the players take the role of human-wolf experiments known as Hounds. Bound to serve the United Earth Corporation and their handler for life, they are forced to face the abominations of science gone mad, survive the hostile environments of far off worlds, and even kill off their own kind. Everyday is a struggle with difficult choices and the beast within.

    Will you tow the line and be a dutiful servant? Or will you bite the hand that feeds, slip the leash, and become a Stray?

    Only available via online vendors. Click this link to find out where.

    Adam J. Weber Games was founded by, unsurprisingly enough, Adam J. Weber. We are makers of Role Playing Games. Our goal is to make games we like, and others will enjoy. We endeavor to make each game better than the last, raising the bar and our standards each product. Adam J. Weber Games debuted its first game, Helix, on October 10, 2008.