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After knocking on the door, we were eventually greeted by a man named Birch. In addition to being the caretaker of the lighthouse, he was a cleric of some goddess who's name I can't recall, but who I believe was popular among witches. At first he did not seem very eager to help us. That was until we described the nature of our arrival on the peninsula. Then he invited us in to stay for the night and gave us all something to eat. He also gave Midnight a place to stay, and some oats and water. In exchange, we provided him with company and entertainment.

He told us that we had somehow arrived on a small island in the middle of a vast sea. Yet we had never crossed over any body of water what so ever. The island was called Graben Island. But none of us had ever heard of it before. The nearby village, where the priest's church and his fellow clergymen were, was called Seeheim. But he advised us to go to another larger village nearby in the morning. Like the island, it was called Graben Village. Birch gave us a little information about it, including a very brief, recent history about two adventuring bands called the Wanderers and the Seekers who had come to the island over the course of the past few years and dealt with a great evil that had stolen upon the noble family for which the island had been named.

Day Two - Just as Birch had advised, we set out in the morning with directions to Graben Village. Now aware that the lighthouse stood at the northern end of the island, we headed south, keeping the towering cliff to the west within sight.

Still loaded down with a considerable amount of treasure taken from Castle Tristenoira, we were fortunate to have a sturdy horse such as Midnight to help carry the load. Though I would strongly advise against ever referring to the horse as a pack mount. For Midnight seems to have an uncanny knack of reading minds, and takes great exception to being called a pack mount.

Due in part to the weight of the load carried by Midnight, Angus led him on foot for most of the way. But after a few miles out in the cold, it seemed that Midnight was becoming restless. Admittedly, we have spent the last six months in places that were not exactly ideal for a horse used to running free in the countryside. And for a horse as headstrong as Midnight, perhaps we should be thankful we did not hear more complaints from him. But apparently the sight of an open snow covered field still as unmarked and pristine as the day the snow fell, made Midnight yearn to run. So Angus was more than happy to oblige him. It had also been quite sometime for Angus since he had enjoyed a good ride.

After lightening the load a bit, Angus took off on Midnight quickly reaching a gallop, and began a long circuit around the field. Halfway around they skirted along the edge of a creek lined with trees. Angus was enjoying the ride so much that he almost failed to notice a man standing by the trees, smiling at him, his hands on his hips. He caught sight of the man just as they were about to pass him by, and quickly brought Midnight to a stop.

To be continued... ]]>
Arkhemedes http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/510-The-Ravenloft-Files-Vol-12-The-Shadow-Walkers-The-Keepers-of-the-Vault-Pt-III
The Ravenloft Files Vol.12: The Shadow Walkers - The Keepers of the Vault Pt. II http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/457-The-Ravenloft-Files-Vol-12-The-Shadow-Walkers-The-Keepers-of-the-Vault-Pt-II Thu, 18 Jun 2009 00:32:51 GMT Excerpt from the Journals of Vassago ApVay, Shadow Walker: (Continued from Day One): Fortunately, the rest of us took out the three remaining... Excerpt from the Journals of Vassago ApVay, Shadow Walker:

(Continued from Day One): Fortunately, the rest of us took out the three remaining ghouls without further difficulty. And the paralysis on Angus lasted for only a few minutes. But when he was able to move again, he kept talking about the ghouls and the helpless feeling of being paralyzed.

It seemed that Angus's troubles would continue to mount, as he now appeared to be obsessed with the thought of ghouls and their paralytic touch. However, Angus did say his strength seemed to be slowly returning. So it could take a couple of days, but it appeared it would return on its own. He has also reported no more waking nightmares since leaving Forlorn.

Later on in the morning, we were attacked by half a dozen wraiths, which were difficult to see in the fog until they were already upon us. They took several of us by surprise. Though we were soon able to destroy or turn them all, Angus and I were each struck by one of the wraiths and felt the chill of their negative energy, as it seemed to drain away on our health.

By the early afternoon, Felipe told us he could see a light of some sort through the mists, though again the rest of us could see nothing. Still, we continued to let Felipe be our guide, and a short while later, it appeared that the decision had paid off. Soon we could see the light of a far away lighthouse, its twin rotating beams slicing through the dense fog from a seemingly impossible distance. We continued walking towards the light, being careful as we went, concerned that the ground below us might suddenly drop away into a large body of water. But it never did. Instead, the woods around us turned to scrub brush, the air became very chilly, and the ground grew rocky and hard as it gradually inclined upwards in the direction of the light house. Patches of snow then appeared, becoming larger and thicker along the way.

A short while later, as dusk began to approach, the mists suddenly parted before us, revealing the towering lighthouse perched near the edge of a cliff, at the tip of a rocky peninsula hundreds of feet above the turbulent seawater below. The bank of fog quickly rolled away down the snow covered slope behind us and to our right. Then from a high vantage point, we could see that the pointed peninsula was merely the tip of an even larger mass of land that jutted out into the sea.

We could not determine the size of the landmass it was in turn connected to, as the low lying areas were obscured by fog. Lying perhaps a mile or two away, in the opposite direction of the lighthouse, we saw a small coastal village. But the lighthouse was only a few hundred yards away, and it was dark and cold outside. So it was to the lighthouse that we decided to go.

To be continued... ]]>
Arkhemedes http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/457-The-Ravenloft-Files-Vol-12-The-Shadow-Walkers-The-Keepers-of-the-Vault-Pt-II
The Ravenloft Files Vol.12: The Shadow Walkers - The Keepers of the Vault http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/439-The-Ravenloft-Files-Vol-12-The-Shadow-Walkers-The-Keepers-of-the-Vault Sat, 13 Jun 2009 00:42:58 GMT Under the Baron's 'Turn the page' thread in the Gardens of Stone group, I posted the first part of the first week's review for my '04 12th Annual Running of Ravenloft. Here I will continue the story of what was one of my favorite Ravenloft groups. For convenience I will again introduce the members of the band:

Cast of Characters:

Angus Shadowborn - Human paladin from the Great Kingdom of Avonleigh closely related to Kateri and Alexi Shadowborn
Gohan - Half-elf fighter/druid from the Great Kingdom of Avonleigh
Vassago ApVay - Human bard from the Great Kingdom of Avonleigh and descendent of the people of Forfar.
Gemini - Human shaman of the Abber Nomads from the Nightmare Lands
Marco Black - Human warlock from Nova Vaasa
Felipe Blanc - Human anchorite of Ezra from Dememtlieu

Excerpts from the Journals of Vassago ApVay, Shadow Walker

Day One - At the coming of dawn, we saw that the woods around us were still heavily cloaked in a thick fog, just as we had feared they would be. Very little daylight penetrated the dense mist, and the trees around us lurked over our heads like hungry ghouls donned in funeral shrouds. It was a rather foreboding beginning to the day.

Felipe however, did not appear to be overly concerned about it. He looked around for a moment, then seemed to notice something in the fog that only he could see. With confidence (perhaps too much confidence), he pointed and said, "We go that way". Since none of us had any better suggestions, and since we could find no reason to dispute Felipe's choice of direction, we followed his advice. Angus led the way on foot with his horse Midnight right behind him.

After a while we began to sense we were being followed. It was a short while after that when we were suddenly attacked by eight ghouls that emerged from the mists, reeking of death. Felipe was quick to react though and holding out his symbol of Ezra, he was able to turn back five of the hissing ghouls, which turned and ran, never to be seen again.

The other three ghouls however, continued to advance. Angus stepped forward to meet one, not particularly intimidated by it, despite the nightmares he had had about ghouls and the fact that he had never actually faced one before. He studied the ghoul's approach and quickly concluded that the ghoul was not a very adept opponent, though it did attack with both clawed hands and a fang-filled mouth, a wound from any of which, Angus knew, was capable of causing paralysis.

Then suddenly it happened, just as Angus had feared but did not truly believe possible. Despite the difference in the level of skill between he and the ghoul, it somehow landed a lucky blow on the first exchange, and drew blood. It happened so quickly that Angus could not believe his misfortune. He immediately felt the wound go chill and numb. Then the numbness quickly spread throughout his body. Angus felt as though he were reliving one of his nightmares. And feeling just as helpless as though he were in one, he fell to the ground as the paralysis took hold of him.

To be continued... ]]>
Arkhemedes http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/439-The-Ravenloft-Files-Vol-12-The-Shadow-Walkers-The-Keepers-of-the-Vault