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<![CDATA[Pen & Paper Games - Blogs - Soft by Soft Serve]]> http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/blog.php/5761-Soft Pen and Paper Games hosts a very powerful, but easy to seach and join database of players and game masters in the United States and Canada. Our forums are also a great place to find the most recent news, product releases, tips, and rpg discussion. en Sun, 29 Mar 2020 02:14:47 GMT vBulletin 60 http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/pnpg_style/misc/rss.jpg <![CDATA[Pen & Paper Games - Blogs - Soft by Soft Serve]]> http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/blog.php/5761-Soft Excerpt from EoC #2 http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/580-Excerpt-from-EoC-2 Mon, 20 Jul 2009 02:27:01 GMT This is the death of the beloved Shaman "Scrat" who saves the parties life from the 3 20's I rolled in a row. (SERIOULS I ROLLED THREE!)

[Soft Serve] 8:07 pm: Scrat runs like hell across the slippery wooden deck, finds a spot where the
wood creaks, stops and says "did you hear that?" before falling through the deck 50ft to the lower
floor and getting impaled on sharp rocks that pierced through the boats hull when it crashed and got
stuck here in the first place.
[Cynic] 8:07 pm: charp)
[Cynic] 8:07 pm: (hahahah)
[Cynic] 8:07 pm: (pwn)
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:07 pm: (i lol at scrat....silly lizardfolk.....)
[Soft Serve] 8:07 pm: (I don't feel like NPC-ing)
[kantou] 8:08 pm: [lol]
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:08 pm: (anyway....)
[Soft Serve] 8:09 pm: (the cake is a lie)
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:09 pm: (NO!)
[Cynic] 8:09 pm: (your mom is a lie)
[Soft Serve] 8:09 pm: (ROFL)
[Soft Serve] 8:09 pm: (oh, and the computer is your friend)
[Cynic] 8:09 pm: i walk toward the boaty thing and avoid falling through
[Soft Serve] 8:09 pm: Alright...the wood holds up.
[kantou] 8:09 pm: follow
[Soft Serve] 8:09 pm: Until about halfway.
[Soft Serve] 8:10 pm: Then it hold sup super strong.
[kantou] 8:10 pm: lol
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: (hahah)
[Soft Serve] 8:10 pm: And you get attacked by archers.
Soft Serve starts rolling some dice: (1d20)
Soft Serve -> 1d20 (20)
Soft Serve starts rolling some dice: (1d20)
Soft Serve -> 1d20 (20)
Soft Serve starts rolling some dice: (1d20)
Soft Serve -> 1d20 (20)
[kantou] 8:10 pm: wtf
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: wtf
[Soft Serve] 8:10 pm: (OMFG!)\
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: wtf
[kantou] 8:10 pm: dude no lol
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:10 pm: (hax)
[Soft Serve] 8:10 pm: (HOLY ****ING DIVER!)
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: WHAT
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: THE
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: ****
[Soft Serve] 8:10 pm: (no seriousl!)
[kantou] 8:10 pm: rewrite that part
[kantou] 8:10 pm: lol
[Cynic] 8:10 pm: OMG
[kantou] 8:10 pm: make some eagle come down to take the hits
[Soft Serve] 8:10 pm: (Look at the underlines! You can't put underlines in here, those are legit
[kantou] 8:11 pm: legit rolls of doom
[Cynic] 8:11 pm: my head explodes out of pure amazement
[Soft Serve] 8:11 pm: (There is literally a 1/80,000 shance that will EVER happen)
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:11 pm: amazement and the arrows ****ing your face
Cynic starts rolling some dice: (1d20+3)
Cynic -> 1d20 (4)+ 3 (3) = 7
[Cynic] 8:11 pm: ...
[Soft Serve] 8:11 pm: (omfg I am so proud)
[kantou] 8:11 pm: ok i guess we need to roll
Soft Serve starts rolling some dice: (1d20)
Soft Serve -> 1d20 (11)
kantou starts rolling some dice: (1d20+
kantou -> 1d20 (9)+ 8 (8) = 17
[Soft Serve] 8:11 pm: (damn. I went for 4)
Thoraxx The Impaler starts rolling some dice: (1d20)
Thoraxx The Impaler -> 1d20 (11)
[Cynic] 8:11 pm: we all just died...yay!)
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:12 pm: YAY
[kantou] 8:12 pm: [have a eagle come down t otake our hits or something or the bridge moves and the
arrows miss lol
[Cynic] 8:12 pm: i call for air support and have a dragon rape them
[Cynic] 8:12 pm: =D
[Soft Serve] 8:12 pm: (hang on)
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:13 pm: I lay bleeding and twitching on the ground...
[kantou] 8:13 pm: air support
[Soft Serve] 8:13 pm: A giant octopus tentacle shoots out of the deck below you, which sends
Scrat's body into the air. Scrat says "Hey guys I'm Still alive!" before taking all three arrows to the
back of the head. The octopus then swims away because his mom called him home for dinner.
[Cynic] 8:14 pm: (lmao)
[Cynic] 8:14 pm: I pwn the face of the archers...
[Thoraxx The Impaler] 8:14 pm: (i knew we'd be okay if i prayed to Cthulu!)

The lesson here is when you pray to Cthulhu everything good happens.
Soft Serve http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/580-Excerpt-from-EoC-2
Zombie Apoc. Part 4. http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/566-Zombie-Apoc-Part-4 Fri, 17 Jul 2009 00:15:15 GMT So hopefully you have read the first three parts leading to this one. If not then go ahead and read them. If you don't want to then...idc? Please rate this, or comment with opinions. I like critics. Oh and if you HAVE been reading...You thought he was dead didn't you? MUAHAHAHA.

I have never been knocked unconscious in my life, but since I've been to Canada it's happened twice. It's not a great feeling getting beaten until you can't see. So my left leg is broken, and everything hurts. My face is swollen a most attractive purple-y orange color, with crusted blood coming out of my nose, and each eye. I wasn't sure why at first but they shaved my entire head. I found out later they did it to cut up my scalp and further scar me. The hung me up by my neck and wrists. If I stopped holding myself up with my arms the rope would pull on my neck and suffocate me. Sick bastards...

When they realized how long this would take they started stoning me. One hit me square in the eye, another in the broken leg, a few in the ribs and stomach, my neck seemed to be a favorite target. The executioner who put me here was punching me in the kidneys. I was boned. I was so terrible boned. Then that kid. The one who shot me before shot the glass around the dome with this M4 Carbine that I still to this day have no idea how he got. He blew a piece of glass right out of the dome. Naturally this is stupid when your underneath said piece of glass....which crushed and sliced and killed him in some vicious spray of blood leaving a twitching arm and jawless, glasses lined, face staring up (kinda. One eye was off to the side.)

Now I'm in pain...but everyone is silent. Stones stop being cast...no one is quite sure what to say. Someone walks over. A farmer I had hardly spoken too named Randel. Walks up to Frankies corpse and pulls the M4 out...right as he does the siren blares. Zombies have reached the glass, which started cracking. And I am certain I'm screwed. If the glass doesn't kill me, the zombies will.

Well luckily everyone ran inside for fear the glass would kill them and left me there. The glass had come down around me but the beam above me blocking any direct slices. A zombie then fell through the roof above me, slammed into the beam and broke it, which landed on my head and made me collapse some 4ft from the infected person in overals. He was slightly crippled and adjusting to his newly shattered limbs when the rednecks came running out of their huts guns-a-blazin'. I founda bit of glass and grabbed it cutting the binds on my left hand. The zombie looked at me and let a deep moan out. I started working on the binds on my neck when he started to crawl. Without realizing my immediate danger he was within 6 inches of my leg when another zombie fell through the glass and crushed him. His arm sticking out and twitching, clawing, and swinging just barely out of reach. I finally cut my neck binds when the zombie who just dropped in (get it?) stood up and let the one on bottom go. Two lucky shots saved my life there, as bullets ripped through the noggins of the zombies in front of me. Why anyone would waste ammo here to save my life is beyond me, but thanks anyway random gunman hillbilliy!

I had gotten all the ropes off. I had dragged myself off their makeshift wooden stage, and straight into the dirt. It was about here I realized I had nowhere to go. There was no way out with the glass shattering at every single slight step on it, and even if there was the dome is now surrounded by the undead. I'm kinda option-less. What I did know however is that I stand a much higher chance of survival if I hide from these hicks so I crawled myself away from the stage and underneath the same hut it had been when I first woke up in here.

I never noticed how stupid these people were, that they figured me among the corpses of zombies and dead when they removed the bodies and got back to work on fixing the glass. Luckily the hole in the center of the dome was still there and the platform even stayed standing on the outside. I stayed under the medical building occasionally crawling up and out to steal supplies at night to fix myself up with. My leg hadn't been as bad as I thought, just bruised the bone and not broken. It healed in a week or so. I had crawled through the dirt to other homes stealing clothes, and food and an empty pistol. I survived this way for a good long while, pooping in peoples yards just to mess with them.

I finally had the clothes, and the hat, and the strong enough leg to move...now I just had to wait for the next siren to go off and climb up there just acting like one of the assaulting masses. Then make sure I'm the last one down and blast the ****ers as they crawl down the ladder back into their home. I'll set this whole place on fire...

My time had come. The sirens blazed. I crawled out the back of the hut andlimped my way up to the ladder behind 4 hicks. When we got up...I realized I had an EMPTY pistol. Not a loaded one. So what I did was grab the hick before me, turn him around, smash the side of his face with the pistol, then grab his little M1911, and shoot the other three hicks before sliding down the glass of the dome to a small unpopulated hole in the undead crowds. It was out here I noticed the source of the electricity for the medical supplies. A transformer that was sitting in a telephone pole was now dangling on the outside of the dome providing them power.

I shot the transformer which released a tiny blue spark, which did nothing. I limped away apparently unnoticed by the undead, too distracted with the dome. Which worked for me. Several feet away I turn and see the dome on fire. Smoke shooting straight into the sky. A helicopter flies overhead and lands in one of the nearby fields signaling for me to come to them. I limped and limped and limped...I was almost there! Freedom!

I swear 30ft. If they would have just dropped the f*cking thing 30ft closer I could have been on it and away. But no. One of the infected late to the party of the Crooked Creek Dome had crawled out of the tall grass and bit the leg of one of the gunners. The gunner flipped and started fireing everywhere, the pilot got scared and started to take off, I was fireing at the undead in the field. The helicopter got 60ft in the air leaving me to die when they kicked out Pvt. Godfrey who screamed the entire way down back to earth. It was his rifle I used to fend myself off from the oncoming hordes off zombies trying to attack a helicopter that isn't there. I discovered here that they only died from headshots. Godfreys ammo kept me alive for a nice long time that way. Just walking, shooting, sleeping in the trees. I wasn't sure where I was going but I sure wasn't going to stay there. ]]>
Soft Serve http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/566-Zombie-Apoc-Part-4
Zombie Apoc. Part 3. http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/564-Zombie-Apoc-Part-3 Thu, 16 Jul 2009 20:06:51 GMT Here is the 3rd bit to my Zombie Apoc. story. It has been a while, but I took the hint from how my second story is my only blog with rates...and it's 5-star...and it's still in the "Best Entries" sections....so...win? Anyway if your gonna be lazy and just read this one instead of the first two then it's about a dude from Washington who went north to Canadia to camp with some friends, who in the panic of a zombie apocalypse, are either dead or missing. Enjoy, Comment, and Rate please. (So I can finally beat Grimwell out of the #1 Best Entry slot. :D )

So I woke up to a super bright white light shining straight into my eyeball.
"Yeah he's fine. His pupils dialated." Says some background woman.
"Dialatin'?" says some background hillbilly accent.
"Yes Dialating" says background woman putting emphasis on "ing".
"So he's ok right?" Says some background...teenager?
"Yeah." says random calm sounding woman. I have several questions right now. Where am I? What is going on? Are there still masses of zombies pounding on the walls outside this place? The woman shining a flashlight straight into my eye finally decided it was time to stop and I can only assume it was her and the others who had exited the room via creeky wooden door over on my right.

When I regained normal vision I could see I wasn't in a hospital like I had thought, but a wooden farmhouse kinda thing. I was hoping that this would all go away in my sleep and I could wake up in my bed, or a couch, or somewhere just drunk as hell...Nope. A few gunshots and screams from somewhere outside that door, then a red light shone through the cracks in the wood precursor to a blaring siren. I don't know what it was. The guns, the siren, or some kind of drug but I had felt safer then I had felt since we left Bellingham.

"Are you awake yet?" says background hillbilly accent again whom I now make what I would like to assume is eye contact. He had some seriously bushy brow covering his eyes, a red truckers hat, and blue overals. You know...every hillbilly stereotype come to life.
"I'm tired of watch duty over ya, just cause Frankie shot yer belly."
"They told me to stay here incase you got confussled. What with'n all the zombies runnin' amuk through our crops and such."
That was the first time I heard the word "Zombies" and thought "Oh shit..."
"So. Are they still outside?" I asked him.
"Nah. We took care of them once we calc'lated the threat of havin' em' near us like that."
"So you shot them?"
"We lit em' suckers on fire! Burning like da hell they done scaped' from!"
"...can I see it?" He cakkled this hillbilly cakkle and cocked his double-barrel before waving me out the creeky wooden door.

Through this door was what appeared to be dirt roads connecting tiny wooden farms. Apparently this was a town covered in metallic and glass dome, the glass up top allowing for sunlight to grow their crops, a hole in the very top center of the dome letting fresh air in, and the metal around the lower sides keeping the undead out. A ladder lead up out the hole in the center of the dome to a platform on the side of it. Apparently if the undead ever piled up past the metal parts of the dome the red lights blared their sirens. Smoke and fire was sweeping up over the glass of the dome just barely making the air tight.

Once we got to the platform I could see twitching masses sitting, stareing, burning, not screaming anymore because their lungs hadn't the ability to push oxygen since the fire was enveloping it all. They almost looked like real people. Save the fact their eyes were either milky white or burnt out of their skulls, and their facial expressions depicted no pain. As much as I would like to say it was comforting to watch them burn, or satisfying knowing the disease what killed Tom, and Johnnen was ablaze beneath me, I can honestly say I was terrified.

This town was named crooked creek and it's peopel were almost all farmers living off the land. Godfrey was the hillbilly, Frankie the teenager I had heard who shot me, and Faith the medical intern. Everything was pretty regular. Do what the farmers say, grow the crops, when the red lights blare find a gun and go pick them off the glass while others set the surrounding area on fire. This worked well enough for a while until one of the hillbilly folks had tested the lines with Faith and tried to get frisky on her. I wasn't there but it goes she shot the guy in the neck after he had made it obvious he wasn't going to stop. Now I was the first one to get there afterwards. It was just her, some ripped clothes she was wearing, and a dead hillbilly. She told me everything he tried to do, but she didn't let him get close.

Now through some twisted hillbilly logic, I had been involved with this whole plot and scheme they conjured that turned into us killing the hillbilly together and trying to escape with it. This led to arguements, and the second one of them punched her I was all kinds of pissed off. I started swinging chairs at the hicks who came in the room, bats, I broke a glass bottle and stabbed a few. Faith ran out the backdoor and one of them fired a pistol in my direction missing terribly killing some other hick.

Now it was about then I realized I was alone fighting an army of hillbillys so I took off running for the ladder only to find faith already at the top. I started climbing with several bricks, stones, bullets, and etc. flying past me and a few hicks climbing up after me...I had almost made it to the top when one lucky stone hit me square in the back of the head, and another one hitting me solid in the hand. I fell almost 40ft into some nice comfy dirt which broke a leg.
Surrounded by cheering hillbillys who continuted to stomp me into unconsciousness like I was on fire, I rememberd the zombies burning. Their milky white eyes melting out of the holes in their heads, or being completely gone already. Their faces expressing no pain while they died slowly. I imagine hell will look similar. ]]>
Soft Serve http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/564-Zombie-Apoc-Part-3
Starvin the Danger Gull http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/535-Starvin-the-Danger-Gull Sun, 12 Jul 2009 01:51:32 GMT We went to a beech in Mississippi today called "Gulfport". It was pretty alright except for the random sunburn on my arms and face but it's not so bad so I can deal.

My leg is feeling better after being thrown from my bike off a car.

And I think I owe this fine day to the 6 or 7 4-5- and 6 leaf clovers I brought with me today unknowingly. See my Necronomicon is what I used to press some clovers when I found them and thinking, "Warm sun, Perfect water, outside with the family I secretly hate....I should bring the book of the dead!"

Yep. While we were there I made a friend. Starvin the Danger Gull. A seagull so incredibly hungry that he decided to sit and chirp at us for hours withing 3ft of my hand.

Half tempted to reach out and strangle the little f*ck*r he released this...I don't know...kaw? This solem little....kaw...It was perfect. Melted my heart. I swear he shed a tear...

Anyway I busted out some ruffles and we talked about the weather, politics, zombie contingency plans, favorite hockey teams and stars (gulls are Penguins fans as it turns out. Since they're the closest to a Gull representative.)

But most of all we talked about favorite games. Turns out he's a HUGE Spycraft fan, so I turned him over to this site and he said he'd make an account next time he manages his way to a computer.

Gulls are very crafty like that. ]]>
Soft Serve http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/535-Starvin-the-Danger-Gull
Zombie Apoc. Part 2. http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/222-Zombie-Apoc-Part-2 Wed, 25 Mar 2009 10:15:07 GMT Continuing my last story. If you haven't read it then go do that. If you haven't read it and would rather be lazy then it's about a guy from Washington stuck in Canadian wilderness running from zombies. It's being written to look like it's him writing it down as a journal or log to be found incase something happens to him. So yeah...getting on with it.

Believe it or not I made it out of that forest. It took me three days of running and walking, but I finally made it out. I found a creek that was abnormally deep in some spots but that didn't keep me from walking through the water. I figured if I stuck to the shallow water I couldn't get snuck up on in the forest by one laying in leaves or behind a bush or something like that. I was terribly, terribly wrong.

See as it turns out the bastards do not need to breathe. This means they can very well walk through poison gas, survive underwater, and heavy vacuums like the effects of a hydrogen bomb after it detonates near a person. So I naturally wasn't expecting this woman to pop out of one of those deep areas and tackle me underneath the water with her. IT was slow-motion I swaer, at least it alwasy is when I remember it. She was dressed in cargo shorts, had blonde hair, and a white tank top. She had poped out of the water I was so scared I tried to gasp and sucked in nothing but creek water. I tried to fight but I couldn't see through the disturbed water. I felt a sharp pain in my arm...I swear she bit me...I was going to die I knew it. In one big push I had her off me and pushed myself up out of the shallow water. On my hands and knees laying next to this monster I grabbed the biggest rock I could find, stepped on her chest and threw it as hard as I could right into her face. I didn't bother to see if she was still moving, I just assumed...The first thing I did was walk to one side of the creek. I sat there and checked my wound...

Great news. Best I'd ever heard. The sharp pain was not a bite mark like I thought. I was pushed onto a pile of broken glass. Someone must have camped hear earlier and tossed a beer bottle in. As if to amplify that I have horrible luck / discovery skills I looked past the waters shore and found a campsite built for 2. I had obviously just killed one of the campers...

I climbed out of the water to the ex-campsite and looked around a little. The other camper woulden't be a problem...he was eaten alive by the other. Apparently in his sleep. I didnt' bother going into the tent, and the site didn't have anything for me that I could see so I took off running form the horrible smells back into the water. I washed my face to try to get over it. Blood all over the tent. Human entrails and struggle signs all over the place. Entrails looked like they had been dragged out of the tent through a creatures mouth for a few yards before they finally bit down.

Sitting there hands and knees in the shallow water and thinking about it, I puked. They we're probably together. Probably on a honeymoon. Probably the best time of their lives when she turned. I don't believe in god so I had never been to church and didn't know any prayers...Maybe someday everyone will get proper burials...

I remember this part of my life very well too. I realized that almost every Canadian had decided to head south. Everybody...The entire Nation. How big is this infection? How many mothers had already either had to put down their children or join the ranks of infected in refusal. How many fathers returned home from work to find their families changed? How many people realized there was something wrong with them and fled to hospitals only to spread it to those helpless trapped in bed? How many people tried reporting their attacks to the police in person, only to infect the law enforcement and the only people we have that could protect us? How long before our blissfull ignorance of this disease throws the entire world into chaos and disaster?

I puked some more...Then decided that was enough of the negative thoughts until I found a safe place to sit and think. I finally found someplace. A nice massive fortress. the one we had driven by earlier as a matter of fact. Later I would find out it used to be a peaceful little hamlet called "Crooked Creek" but some Canadian nuts went crazy and bought it out building a giant shelter. It was shaped like an awkward dome, with a tunnel-looking thing going over the creek and nets reaching down to the bottom.

Now there could have been any number of problems here. The people inside could already be infected. Or I could die on my way seeing how there was a mob of infected farmers banging on the metal and screaming. The good news is they hadn't heard my sloshing through the water over their wails of hunger...yet...

Wait if they're attacking the hull then they know someone inside is alive! Somehow a horde of zombies figured that out before me...

I had decided that swimming against the water, then trying to get into the net would be the best choice I had. Turns out the net wasn't for fishing like I had thought. It was to catch infected who had fallen into the water and got carried downstream. So when I pulled on the nets and alerted the river watchmen (Frankie) he proceded to do his job and shoot me. I guess looking down into water it can be difficult to tell a "help me I'm tangled in your net and drowning, and there are zombies, and I'm hungry, and wait don't aim that barrel at me" sign from an "I want to eat you" sign.

Naturally my stomach hurt like hell (he had got me in the lower stomach but missed the vitals), but once he saw I was bleeding red as opposed to black he let me out of the water and knocked me out with "pain medication" or "brain damage" as it's more formally known when someone smacks you in the side of the face with an aluminum baseball bat....

Hopefully this isn't like the Rambo movies. First one was good, second one sucks, third one is a joke...Tell me what you think again. ]]>
Soft Serve http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/222-Zombie-Apoc-Part-2
Hope You Like Zombie Apoc. Stories http://www.penandpapergames.com/forums/entry.php/194-Hope-You-Like-Zombie-Apoc-Stories Tue, 17 Mar 2009 19:55:48 GMT I'm not entirely sure what a blog is for, but since I probably won't use mine for anything I would call "important" I'll just write a story about stuff I think is interesting and if people tell me I did good I'll write more. I don't know if theres a section for this or not yet, but I'll try to post it somewhere appropriate. The story is about a survivor who survived terrifying ordeals and is trying to write them out in a journal/diary kind of writing hoping that if he doesn't make it someday someone will read it. Thanks in advance for reading.

It was our first time camping. Just me and some friends you know? We'll go out into the Canadian wild for a week. They've got moose, and bears apparently so it'll be more dangerous and exciting then camping in crazy Bellingham Washington. Woulden't make sense to just drive to Montana, no we had to cross the damn Canadian border...

Ok I don't have anything against Canadians. As you probably didn't know Bellingham is pretty far north so I've met and drank with my fair share of Canadians. The thing is though, apparently there was a very good reason they all started pouring into America. We'd all just believed what the press was telling us to believe. They thought the American economy was better then it was (it wasn't) so they riped through our borders like the southern immigrants did. I even remember seeing military presence at the Canadian border a couple of times...Not just National Guard like actual hard trained Army was there. Hell I even remember thinking to myself "is that guys Canadian accent fake?" when they interviewed one and he was talking about the situation "up north". I wish I'd have taken the time to notice he was wearing a New Jersey Devils cap and had a rough New York/Canadian imitation sounding voice then instead of now...

For the first 2 days everything was miserable. It was driving...through Calgary "No it's not good enough here. we can get deeper." Tom had said that twice while he was driving. He was the camping mastermind, the one who always wanted to come to Canadia and pet a friggin' moose. He said it when we got into Calgary, and again when we got into Edmonton. If you don't know your globe we've been driving from Washington to Alberta, and then deeper into Alberta....that's a long ass drive and everytime we find a spot it's not good enough for Tom. Naturally we're all about to throw him out with the camping supplies and drive our asses home when we noticed the trip didn't actually take as long as we thought.

Apparently all the traffic was on the "out" side of the highway. Everyone was running south...People even went so far as to abandon their cars with their furniture still strapped to their hoods and truck beds. We even had to slow down at some point to not hit a few familie swho were walking back to Edmonton... We were all creeped out and unsure of what to think but none of us said anything.

The next 2 days were wonderful. We had set up camp, we had cooked some Mountain Pies over a fire in an iron cast pie maker. Everything was shiney and happy and Tom woulden't shut up about how perfect the spot was... We were a little south of Sturgeon Lake, probably illegal but apparently no one cares.

The next morning...Oh...god....I hate even writing this down....Reliving it is making my hand shake so please bear with any difficulty reading the writing. I was the first one awake. I had gotten out of my tent and started poking the fire...I put my shoes on (we set them by the fire so the bugs woulden't crawl inside) and noticed that Tom was sitting over by the lake next to us. The amount of fog settling in around us was uncanny, unerving, and just plain cold as hell. I noticed he wasn't talking when I got close to him. Usually once he sees your awake the first thing he does is talk non-stop about something stupid. A rare opportunity I actually got the first word.
"Tom, man what are you doing overhere? It's ****ing freezing near the water. Come back to the fire...."
He didn't say anything...he just sobbed...
"Tom? Dude I can't even really see you. If you pissed yourself we'll all pretend you didn't as long as it doesn't smell."
"....**** you."
"What? What's wrong?" I've known Tom a good long while. He's not annoying he just doesn't shut up. He woulden't say that unless he thought I had beaten his children or something like that...He reached out his left arm. It had a monster sized bite taken off of it. There were teeth marks, blood trailing down his fingers, skin that had ripped off when the attacked pulled his jaws away. Someone had gotten a good clean hit on him....or....Bite....

"Tom....what happened?" all he did was point. He pointed into the water a little ways down where it's current was flowing. Someone was struggling in the water. They weren't swimming or screaming. Just moaning. You could barely hear it over the sounds of the current raging. Johnnen and Victor climbed out of their tents and joined us. Victor pointed out Tom's arm, then just like Johnnen stared straight into the eyes of the drowning man. All four of us just stared at Tom's assailant and knew something was horribly wrong. We packed up all our equipment right then and there...

Tom got his first aid and Johnnen was driving. We made it back onto the highway when we noticed we were the only ones there. Everyone else had ditched their cars and wondered on. We grabbed our food and our water and ran along in the direction of Edmonton when through the fog we saw several people. All of them shambling masses...all of them moaning in the worst, and loudest sound any of us had ever heard in our lives. It wasn't literally the loudest, but it was pretty damn loud and it was by-far the most impactful sound ever. We ran back to our car and threw everything we had back in. We took off in reverse turning around and driving the wrong way in our lane. We hadn't gotten far before Tom started to die...We drove past this fortress looking thing to get to Grande Praire and hopefully put Tom in a hospital.

I don't know if we were too slow, or if there was no helping him but he died in the back of his car. We all got out. Victor even puked a little. I'm not ashamed to admit I was crying. Johnnen was siting on the back of the car trying to call people with his cell.
"No signal. Anybody else have any? Please?"
None of us did. Which is odd considering we were on a highway near a generally popular city. We blamed the fog. Then we cursed the fog...then we all became thankful. Tom was ok. He climbed out of his chair and was standing. He even stretched his neck! But...then...his arm wasn't bleeding anymore. It had sealed with black...nastyness....His eyes even changed colors to pale white. This wasn't Tom anymore...

Johnnen was on the opposite side of Tom's injured arm so he coulden't see what me and Victor saw. He coulden't see the black goo. He coulden't see the dim white eyes. He coulden't see it until he got up close. I coulden't hear what he was saying to Tom. But I could hear Johnnen scream after Tom grabbed him by the shoulders and bit him and ripped out his throat.

We could also see the hordes of people shambling in our direction still....STILL...after so many miles they were still walking. Black nastyness falling out of their mouths and wounds. We ran. We ran so fast I think my legs might never recover completely. We were stupid though...we didn't talk. We didn't plan. Somewhere in the Canadian wilderness I lost Victor.

I'm writing this a month since we left Bellingham. I haven't seen him since... ]]>
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