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I am one of the old UNL D&D players that is now DM'ing. We are using a modified, current Pathfinder based RPG. It combined some of the old world classes (paladins for each alignment), races (Kizinti, Giff...), and worlds (spelljammer, author conversions). All in all it makes for a compelling story that is more based towards role playing then "Kill em all n let the gods sort em out". There are some things I disagree on in pathfinder Edition that I have went with the old 3.5E (skills are the old style and not the flat number style in Pathfinder Edition).

We mix up the alignments a lot to add the feeling of how things really are in the world. Why should the paladin not be in a group with an evil character? Why not be in it to reform him? If he were to just leave or be unable to associate with him then Evil wins. Evil paladins have no restrictions of whom they travel with, just that they are forbidden to commit acts of good. In essence we have a much more realistic view on how restrictions like these work in the system.

So try us out or glean me for input into other things that make RPG's more interesting. I have a lot of resources for many different RPG's... ]]>
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