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  1. Nefarious Tendancies - Drow and Wolves and Spiders, Oh My!

    Aeris, Graven and Sardis recover for the remainder of the night above an abandoned butcher’s shop. At dawn, Sardis goes out to explore the village alone. Aeris and Graven rest and spend the morning in casual conversation while they recooperated.

    Sardis did not find much of interest in the village. He did grab some basic supplies as he went from building to building. The villages had taken most of their valuables and food when they fled. The werewolves had taken anything that remained. ...
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  2. Nefarious Tendancies - Northward Bound

    After leaving Faith-hold Keep, Graven and Aeris rest up during the day. The following night, they head to the Sour Ghoul Tavern to see what is going on. Celebrations continue after the death of Elena. The two sell the paperwork they found in Elena’s office to Deathsong and collect their reward for participating in the previous night’s incursion. A mysterious stranger in the tavern catches Aeris’ eye.

    At the black market, Aeris strikes up a conversation with the mysterious stranger. ...
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  3. The Ravenloft Files Vol.12: The Shadow Walkers - The Keepers of the Vault Pt. III

    (Continued from Day One)

    After knocking on the door, we were eventually greeted by a man named Birch. In addition to being the caretaker of the lighthouse, he was a cleric of some goddess who's name I can't recall, but who I believe was popular among witches. At first he did not seem very eager to help us. That was until we described the nature of our arrival on the peninsula. Then he invited us in to stay for the night and gave us all something to eat. He also gave Midnight a place ...

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  4. The Ravenloft Files Vol.12: The Shadow Walkers - The Keepers of the Vault

    Under the Baron's 'Turn the page' thread in the Gardens of Stone group, I posted the first part of the first week's review for my '04 12th Annual Running of Ravenloft. Here I will continue the story of what was one of my favorite Ravenloft groups. For convenience I will again introduce the members of the band:

    Cast of Characters:

    Angus Shadowborn - Human paladin from the Great Kingdom of Avonleigh closely related to Kateri and Alexi Shadowborn
    Gohan - Half-elf fighter/druid ...
  5. Hall of Maiden's Trap Encounter

    The Maids’ of Strahd XP 2,400
    Stained lace hangs neatly from eight canopied beds. In each bed, a figure of a young woman lays motionless, pale hands folded over her chest. In the eighth bed lay Ireena Kolyana dressed not in the armor you last saw her in, but a white wedding dress.
    characters can’t use Perception to detect this trap
    Additional Skill: Arcana
    DC 30 : the character notices that Ireena is just an illusion, but the rest of the women are real ...
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