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  1. Smash-time is the best time.

    The group explored the remainder of the tomb-block without much further incident. They picked up some nice goodies from the spectre's room, and after a bit more exploring found a passage that led them back into the more regularly cut passages of Undermountain. They explored a bit more, got past a few traps and were going down a passage sloping upwards.

    Heinrich, playing around with a wand he found, "Shazam!!"

    Garion: "Heinrich, put that thing down before ...

    Updated 03-03-2010 at 08:06 PM by Frobozz

  2. The most vile stench in all of Faerūn

    The group continued beyond the mummies. Unfortunately for Og, they did not taste like jerky...

    Og, throwing aside a mummy arm, "BLECK! TASTE LIKE MANTICORE!"

    Dragon: "That's bad, right?"

    Og: "YOU NO EAT M..."

    Heinrich, chiming in: "Yea yea, we no eat manticore, we got you the first dozen times Og!"


    Garion: "Maybe we should ...
  3. Mummies are salty like jerky, not stringy like gnome

    The party returned to Waterdeep with the materials, and Heinrich brews them up a batch of 8 potions of invulnerability (lasts 3 rounds each, impervious to any physical damage)

    They returned to Undermountain via an entrance in the cellar of the "Black Cat's Ninth Life", a tavern. It's one of three entrances they've found and is closest to Kyra's lair; the drow they rescued from a koa-toa cage trap.

    They meet up with her and ask her to take them to the Narbus's ...

    Updated 02-12-2010 at 12:14 AM by Frobozz