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  1. Don't Hate The Dice: Hate The System

    My very first character in AD&D had all sixteens, in every stat, rolled in front of the GM, using the standard 3D6 system. I have yet to repeat that luck in character generation. I also had a generation that resulted in good strength, constitution, and max dexterity, average wisdom and intelligence, and a 4 charisma. He had to be an assassin, by the 1st Edition rules.

    This does not include all of the hopeless characters that get generated on a daily basis all over the world. You ...

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  2. Randomizers

    I received some dice I ordered recently; crystal dice that are shaped differently from the standard polyhedrals with which we're familiar. These are shaped differently... like this. By the way; I can recommend that web site for ordering dice and bags. My wife got some nice Elven Runic dice from them, and I also got a black bag with silver and grey spiders in webs.

    What is it about we gamers and our dice? We don't like it when other people handle certain dice. Other dice we will loan ...
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  3. Cthulhu lies... gaming?

    They've got nice dice. I ordered a set of Cthulhu mythos dice a while back. I got them. They were cool. Now, they are lost somewhere and I don't know where. That hurts.

    I just ordered another set, but they're not the green-on-black I had. They're white-on-green. I tell you, I'm not sure which is more stomach-lurching, but I like it.

    Oh, and the engraved numbers and patterns flouresce, too. So they'll glow in black light or in the ...
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