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  1. Old School Poison

    In old-school D&D, poison is nasty stuff! There’s none of this “1d6 temporary Strength damage” business you see in later editions. No, back in the day poison was second only to level drain in how thoroughly players feared it. Fail your save and bam! Dead. This made giant spiders and poison needle traps into scary threats for low-level parties that lacked access to helpful magics like neutralize poison and raise dead. Naturally, this only serves to encourage PCs to acquire poison and ...
  2. The Good News

    I got some good news the other night. A friend of mine called me about joining his gaming group. Unfortunately, his group plays systems that I don't, so I politely turned him down. However, unlike the previous times he asked me to join them, I mentioned to him that I was eager to find a gaming group which played a game I was into. He replied, "How about this. You stop in gaming night (Thursday) and do a little presentation of the games you want to run. If the group likes one of them, ...
  3. FF HERO: class attribute maximums, recategorizing classes, and some thoughts on progression

    As promised, the second half to attribute maximums. But one quick note. I did not like the Mediator class. Thought it was super lame. Yes it is supposed to be like the beastmaster class, but comes out super lame. As there is a animal handler skill, beastmaster will be absorbed into that. Also, I thought the gunner and the berserker should be added. Could use the archer for gunner, but the gunner from FFX-2 is pretty nifty, so will base the gunner class on that. Also, the berserker will be ...

    Updated 08-17-2010 at 12:15 PM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO
  4. Lost Island Activity

    Now I've had 3 players post, including one who really put some real creative effort into his character creation, including a photoshopped calendar for his failed career, and two more people are joining! PBP is fickle!
  5. Atlanta rant

    I'm a female storyteller.
    I have gamed under 2 other female storytellers. Both every Entertaining and always a good story line.

    It is me but when I make a character and wrote a history that is approved by the current GM I'm I wrong to think they will at some point use some of the crap in game?

    I like character driven Games when I have a smart ass punk of a kid running around tell elders to piss off I fully expect his to get throttled if not dead.
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