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  1. Border War Campaign Part 7

    Luchea's player did not join us again, and so she became an NPC. Side note: The Wyld Hunt is an organization that forms to hunt and kill Solar Exalted who are considered demons by the largest government and largest religion in the setting. Its members are often sent ahead to scout out reports of sightings. Another important thing to remember is that Gaias' motivation is to find and gain revenge on a man in black who destroyed his village. Finally, the great tree I keep talking about towers above ...

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  2. Border War Campaign Part 6

    This week we had a new player join us. His character was a young, female Zenith named Luchea. Gaias' player also returned this week from a brief hiatus. As a side note, it was discovered earlier by the players that the nation they are in is a spiritual one and that they have a taboo against using metal. Their economy is a barter system, their society an agrarian one. Also, at one point in the narrative Luchea uses several Charms (magical powers) to boost her persuasiveness and to withstand severe ...

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  3. Border War Campaign

    I've been running this campaign for a few months now. Unfortunately I didn't begin writing summaries until the 5th session. Prior to this, the characters of Wataru, Nine Willows in Autumn and Gaias Valerias arrived somewhat separately in the city of Three Oaks. Wataru is a Night Caste, Nine a Twilight Caste and Gaias is a Dawn. Nine hired Wataru to act as a body guard after being accosted by "toll-takers" and is in town operating as a scholar and physician. Gaias came in search of a man ...

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  4. The Damned II (Session I) - The Shelves of Despond

    Session Date: November 22nd, 2008

    This is the first session of a new D&D 4th edition campaign. I recommend you read the introduction to the campaign here:

    The players are:

    • Aidan (Playing Red, a Dragonborn Warlord)
    • Alucinor (Playing the here-forth unnamed 'elven' Rogue)
    • SpiffyBananaFoot (Some call me, Tim? Playing the Eladrin wizard.)
    • Corii (Playing Snow the elven Ranger)
    • JonDOT (Playing
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  5. E-Mo blog

    Oh, I'm so blogging depressed, and my life is so blogging pathetic, you must read my blog to make me feel like I'm spechul, my very life depends on it. Boo hoo, boo hoo hoo...

    Sometimes I hate the internet and miss the 80's.