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  1. Adventures of the Prides Staves - The Dungeons of Terror

    Chapter II: The Dungeons of Terror!

    This episode begins back in Threshold at the Shady Dragon Inn. Valen disappeared. But the group is joined by Halt, the ranger; Elvira, the elf and Horace Whimp, the wizard.

    Clifton Caldwell, hearing the news about the dungeons below his castle implores the Staves to clear the dungeon for him. Isla, ignoring the obvious plot hook, advocates against returning to the dungeon. Fortunately, the newly joined, Horace, wishes ...
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  2. Adventures of the Pride Staves - Chapter 1 Castle Caldwell

    We meet our heroes early new year’s morning at the gates of Threshold, a prominent town in the Grand Dutchy of Koromikos, located the world of Mystra. Kenshi, the great weapon fighter: his loyal friend, Anna-Oop, the burley dwarf; the mysterious druid, Isla; and the young, enigmatic, Valen, the burglar; barely become acquainted before their services are solicited by a wealthy merchant. The merchant, Clifton Caldwell, greets the adventurers at the gate and implores them to rid his newly acquired ...
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  3. The Digital GM

    Well…I’m back. Hopefully, my old buddies and maybe some new are around.

    I have had some wonderful gaming experiences and some not so much. One of the recent surprises was when I joined a Millennial RPG group, umm….I’m little older than that. Anyhow, everyone stays in character and is super reliable and genuinely welcoming, no agism to my knowledge. Funny thing, I was the only player, at first, two break-out the laptop. I keep my character sheet and all notes electronically, for ...
  4. Advantages of Playing Wood Puzzles, It's Good

    Individuals simply love playing a wide range of games and contraptions. They feel that adrenaline surge when they believe that the game is practically finished. For unobtrusive games like wood riddles and tic-tac-toe, simply being with your family or companions is sufficient to keep you engaged. On the off chance that you imagine that these games are for no particular reason, better reconsider. There is more than what meets the eye. You can get different things by playing with them. All the more ...
  5. Star Wars Edge of the Empire: Ice Station Zulu

    Wednesday, February 6, 2019

    (After John Leppard ran the Star Wars Edge of the Empire scenario “Ice Station Zulu” by David Villegas with Ben Abbott, Laird Davis, Nathan Johnson, and me Saturday, February 3, from 1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.)


    Ten years after the end of the CLONE
    WARS, much of the galaxy is in the
    grip of the vast and powerful EMPIRE.

    Working to consolidate its power, the
    EMPIRE has engaged in many ...
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