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  1. Update on my life

    A few weeks ago I bought two used and non-running toyota supra turbo's. They were cheap cause one engine had a blown headgasket + two melted pistons and the other was even worse off with a big hole in the engine block.

    Anyway I managed to build a running engine for one of the cars so now I am happily motoring around in something worth driving that also has a backseat for my son.

    I've always said that rpg's are my secondary hobby next to cars but I am eager to ...
  2. Wherein I Read the Dresden Files RPG

    It's just about time for the start of the fall semester, and I decided to give myself a back-to-school treat, in the form of the Dresden Files RPG pdfs. (I wish I could have afforded the physical hardcovers, but alas. There's always the various gift-giving holidays~)

    The usual background info: The Dresden Files is easily my favorite series centered on a wizard named "Harry," and fighting hard with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 'trilogy' as my favorite book series overall. ...
  3. Lost Island - Slow Start, MIA Player(s)

    Started with approximately 3 players, seem to have dropped to 2 (I hope the second person, that I know IRL, is reliable), though I now have another joining, and I may possibly have another person from the chatroom joining.

    It's a slow start - maybe it was all the faux Christopher Walken (Reginald Strolen) posts? It was a lot of text, but it felt like a typical convoluted action movies setup, that will eventually turn out to be pointless, like it should be.

    I finished putting ...
  4. Audor D20 -- Rebooting my homebrew of Audor

    Since they announced that 4th Edition was coming out, I've been debating what to do with my homebrew Audor campaign. Do I upgrade? Keep it 3.5? Update to Pathfinder? Go my own way.

    My final decision is to go my own way. I will be keeping very close to 3.5 rules, but changing only what needs to be changed.

    This will require writing up a new Players Handbook for my setting, and deciding what to change.

    Let's start blogging.

    The first ...
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  5. flexible attribute bonuses for older races

    I am not sure how I feel about flexible attribute bonuses for the new PH3 races. However, I am of the mentality, WOTC knows what they are doing a bulk of the time, so I was thinking of retrofitting some of the older races to fit this mentality.

    I know the essentials line is doing this for some of the PH races, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought in terms of what I have come up with.

    In terms of MM/MM2/MM3/Dragon Magazine races, I am leaving them be. As exotic ...