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  1. Simple Online D&D Gaming Tips

    1.Don't do anything else. Don't be watching TV, surfing the web or talking with other people. Yes, D&D can be slow and boring at times, but you should still pay attention. And if you can't role-play talking to an elf king for ten minutes, then D&D might not be the game for you.

    2.Know the rules. Have your rule books nearby and read them. You can also find the rules online.

    3.Know your character. Look up your powers and spells. Know what they do. It's a ...
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  2. Player Etiquette Tip

    One of the things I've noticed with some of the groups that I've played with, still being rather new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons and RPGs in general, is that alot of players don't seem to have a good grasping of Player Etiquette.

    A small thing that bugs me with some players is that they impose on the DM alot, saying things along the lines of "Redgorf walks over and opens the chest", versus "Redgorf is going to walk over and open the chest". While the differences ...
  3. Narayan is scars_of_carma

    Yes its me. I wanted to change my handle cause scars_of_carma is what I was using for all my other handles on automotive-forums and instant-messengers.

    I realized that if I was online specifically to game, I didn't want guys Im'ing me to talk about cars its too distracting. That's why I've decided to use different handles for different hobbies.

    I did try and get scars_of_carma literally changed or at least deleted but the admins didn't reply to my request so sorry ...
  4. The Silent Disappointment

    I have returned from the gaming group I met, and unfortunately, things did not go well.

    I was ready - spending hours on writing down what I was going to say and hooking up my new printer so I could have the seven pages I put together on me, but it turned out my friend neglected to tell the group that I was coming, much less why I was coming. I wasn't given an opportunity to talk about my games, except for explaining to the owner of the house why I was there, which didn't seem to ...
  5. FF HERO: my first stab at a class's powers: the fighter

    I'd figure I'd start off with something simple. So I started with the fighter. It still wasn't simple, but I think I got it.

    EDIT: I presented some questions on the HERO boards, and I think I have refined this a LOT. So everything has been adjusted.

    Now, how I want ALL classes to be set up is they have their signature 1st level power, but all other powers can be bought. I have set these powers up as the "minimum" cost for that power. The power can always ...

    Updated 08-30-2010 at 11:12 AM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO