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  1. FF HERO: bard


    Category: expert

    Ability maxes: 6 7 10 12 10 15

    Allowed Weapons: bows, knives, instruments

    Allowed Armor: armwear, Hats, Suits, robes

    Starting Ability:

    Song of the Lands: 3d6 blast variable special effects (+1/4) (active cost: 19 pts) OAF (-1) gestures (both hands) (-1/2) incantations (-1/4) full phase (-1/2) Real cost: 6 pts.

    You sing a song which invokes the elements of the earth. ...

    Updated 09-08-2010 at 01:19 PM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO
  2. FF HERO: dancer and most status effects

    As I wasn't a fan of how the Dancer or bard was done, I overhauled them. For the dancer, I gave him all negative status effects as powers (except death or condemned). So this will represent the reference for status effects (that aren't "break" powers).

    For the bard (almost done), I gave him a bunch of support abilities that provides boosts for allies.

    Also, I got REALLY lazy. There is no power description, just mechanical breakdown.


    Updated 09-07-2010 at 09:11 AM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO
  3. Gaming Variety...

    When I first joined P&P, I was in the midst of gamer burn out looking for something - anything to reinvigorate my gaming passion. I'm the type of person, that probably over thinks things, and as is typical, have spent a good deal of time over the last year and half, trying to figure out why gaming just wasn't enjoyable for me. Recently, thanks to some insight from my wife - who happens to loathe the fact that I game, but figures if I enjoy it who is she to judge. She made mention that she's ...
  4. Adventure Idea #1: The Necromancer's Test

    I was reading a section of The Complete Book of Necromancers by TSR and came across the mentioning that sometimes a necromancer would have multiple candidates vying to be his/her apprentice. So (while I'm sure this has been done already) why not have a necromancer build a multi-tier dungeon as a kind of "testing grounds" for them?


    1. Within each level could be a mini-boss. Perhaps an undead apprentice who failed that tier and ...
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  5. Furry Races(or so to speak) for d&d 3.5 or homebrew

    Iron Claw was not something i enjoyed so me and my DM sat down and customed 55+ anthropomorphic races. here are just the first 10.

    Squirrel = (Avg glide 30’across per 5’ down) +5 Climb, Climb 10’ spd, +2 Dex, +4 Listen, +4 Spot

    Panther = claw, bite, rake, lowlight vision, +3 Mv sil, +3 Dex, (+6 Hide shdw), +3 Hide, +5 Bal, drkvis 60’

    Cheetah = claw, bite, rake, lowlight vision, +3 Mv sil, +3 Dex, +4 Hide, +30’ spd, Run x5, drkvis 60’

    Cat ...
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