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  1. FF HERO: Geomancer

    This one was tricky. Instead of defining each power for each terrain, I made it a VPP so it be more up to the player's imagination.


    Category: adept

    Ability maxes: 8 10 10 12 10 10

    Allowed Weapons: axes, instruments, knives, light swords, polearms, swords

    Allowed Armor: armwear, hats, helmets, robes, shields suits

    Starting ability:
    Geomancy: VPP (11 pt pool {11 pts}; 30 pt control ...

    Updated 09-10-2010 at 11:02 AM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO
  2. Monitizing my passion II

    I wrote earlier about monitizing my passion for gaming. Since I retired from the Coast Guard I haven't really done any gaming. Between working on my home and family I haven't made the time for it. I hear talk of table top gaming dying and I can see why. I can get my "fix" by playing Fate on the PC for 45 minutes without involving anyone. I can also live vicariously through others in the community by reading their blogs. I pulled a couple of old role playing games off of that ...
  3. FF HERO: Paladin


    Category: adept

    Ability maxes: 12 12 8 7 10 11

    Allowed Weapons: axes, greatswords, light swords, knives, staves, swords

    Allowed Armor: gauntlets, helmets, mail, Shields, Robes

    Starting ability:
    Sentinel: +20 points of resistant PD (30 active points) Requires full phase action (-1/2) OAF(-1) lasts until end of next phase (-3) Real cost: 5 pts.

    By positioning your weapon and your body in a certain ...
  4. FF HERO: samurai


    Category: adept

    Ability maxes: 10 10 8 10 11 11

    Allowed Weapons: knives, swords, katana

    Allowed Armor: gauntlets, helmets, mail

    All attacks use OCV, but target MDCV and ED

    Starting ability:
    Iaido: 1d6 RKA (15 Active pts) no range(-1/2) extra x2END (-1/4) OAF(-1) Real cost: 5 pts.

    You slash at a foe, and an energy echo of the slash attacks again fueled by your soul.
  5. FF HERO: Ninja


    Category: adept

    Ability maxes: 13 8 14 8 9 8

    Allowed Weapons: boomerangs, claws, flails, katana, knives, ninja blades

    Allowed Armor: armwear, hats, suits

    Starting ability:
    Throw anything: Throwing skill levels Range skill levels

    Other abilities:

    Walk through walls: desolidification (40 active points) doesn’t protect against damage (-1) concentration 0 DCV (-1) side effect (drain ...

    Updated 09-09-2010 at 09:41 AM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO