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  1. FF HERO: swordmaster


    Category: warrior

    Ability maxes: 15 15 10 5 7 8

    Allowed Weapons: knives, greatswords, light swords, swords, katana, swallows

    Allowed Armor: gauntlets, helmets, mail, Shields

    Starting ability:
    Delay attack: +8d6 minor transformation (add limitation extra segment to one of the targetís atk) (40 active points) OAF(-1) only works in combat (-1/2) All or nothing (-1/2) fast healing (REC/segment) (-2.5) Real ...

    Updated 08-31-2010 at 01:42 PM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO
  2. FF HERO: knight

    now a lot of these powers are defined status effects. As such, status effects will kind of be strewn about the place. When all is finished, then they will be a bit more organize.


    Category: warrior

    Ability maxes: 15 12 9 5 9 10

    Allowed Weapons: knives, axes, flails, greatswords, polearms, swords

    Allowed Armor: gauntlets, helmets, mail, Shields

    Starting ability:

    Life Break: +20 ...
  3. Old School vs Modern

    How is Old School different from modern D&D? This is half style of play and half the rules as written. After all, 3E and even more so 4E were written to fix the old school style of play. To sum up Old School style of play simply, it's unfair and unbalanced. A modern player can't talk about D&D without using the words balance and fairness after all. Lets look at a couple of examples:

    1.Death. Characters in Old School games die all the time. Character death is a natural ...
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  4. FF HERO: fencer


    Category: warrior

    Ability maxes: 10 10 15 6 6 13

    Allowed Weapons: knives, light swords, swords

    Allowed Armor: Armwear, Hats, Suits, Shields

    Starting ability:

    Martial maneuvers (fencing) as defined in 6e2.

    Can use Dex instead of Str for extra dam (Dex min is same as Str min on weapons)

    Other powers:
    Swarm strike: 1 RKA NND (poison immunity can stop it) (+1/2) dam ...

    Updated 08-30-2010 at 11:44 AM by yukonhorror

    Final Fantasy in 6th edition HERO
  5. FF HERO: dragoon


    Category: warrior

    Ability maxes 14 12 10 8 6 10

    Allowed Weapons: Axes, Knives, Polearms, Swords

    Allowed Armor: Gauntlets, Helmets, Mail, Shields

    Starting power:
    Leap: +12m to Accurate Jump (11 Active points) Extra phase (-3/4) requires acrobatics roll (-1/2) OAF (-1) Real cost: 3 pts; Damage negation (physical) -3 DC Active Cost 15 pts Only vs. H2H atks (-1/4) linked (-1/4) OAF (-1) lasts while jumping (-2.5) ...