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  1. Etiquettely Challenged Versus Etiquettely Wonderful

    Etiquettely Challenged

    I read some gaming horror stories so I guess I will add to it. as a gamer, whenever I go to someone else’s home, I obey their house rules and always bring something to share. Since one of the games I attend has long sessions, I typically buy a bag of burgers for everyone.

    Since things are a little tight this month, I baked chicken nuggets and brought them to the game. The host asked what brand they were so I told her. For the next five ...
  2. Play Test Campaign Completed

    Last night we completed the 5 set series Beryl Summer Games series. A near pure combat arena style fighting scenario. We tested the lowest to the highest challenge levels and all sorts of styles, techniques, and abilities - all combat related. Lots of stuff broken and easily cracked. Lots to update - but most of it outside the core rules for the Incarna Game System.

    Now on to the editing phase where all the notes get entered and rules updated - the tough part. I got lots of notes ...
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  3. FF HERO: covering the basics

    Due to confusion with the HERO system and players dropping from the lineup, we recruited some noobies, went over the mechanics of HERO, and started the new guys on their characters.

    So no more drunken viera and no more lucky moogle.
    Still have our al-bhed techie.

    Viera Fencer/gunner/summoner/ninja: Has a gimp left arm. It was mangled by the gears found in a Mako Reactor after a squabble there. The squabble was instigated when he found Shinra had murdered ...

    Updated 12-15-2010 at 12:03 PM by yukonhorror

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  4. An Apology and Correction...

    First, to anyone who has read my Draining Magic blogs, I apologize, as I discovered to my dismay that in Part 2, I posted my system for an alternate spell casting system for which I have not worked out all of the bugs as of yet.

    Here is what I came up with, something which has worked out well so far in the limited playtests I have done.

    1. No more # of spells per level per day. Instead, each spellcasting class has a Maximum Spell Level Known. This is based upon the spell ...
  5. Draining Magic part 2...

    Ok, as I said previously, magic that ultiamtely has a draining effect on the caster has always resonated with me. Well, here is what I've created (hopefully original).

    A few terms, used for convenience:
    Spells - cover arcane and divine spells, as well as psionic powers.

    Magic - covers arcane and divine magic, as well as psionics.

    Caster - all classes that cast or manifest

    First, a nod to 4E, as I seperate spells into quick and dirty spells ...