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  1. Savage Worlds Hellfrost Chat Game In Works, Review

    Hello, sometime soon to-be-announced, I am going to be running a one-shot game in the P&PG chatroom of Pinnacle Games' Savage Worlds' system using Triple Ace Games' Hellfrost fantasy setting, and would like anyone who wants to play, to make characters and post them in the following thread on my Iced Tea PBP Group like Pieh has done with his Frost Dwarf Ice Rigger.

    I have created a Hellfrost ...
  2. The Year of Blue Fire - Campaign Background

    I am starting up another campaign soon. I may be a little crazy for trying to run two games simulateously and "assist-DM" in a third, but I just couldn't resist when my buddy asked me to run a game for a group he was putting together.

    Unlike most games I have run in the past, I'm not coming to the table with a campaign idea already in hand. Instead, I am working with the players to create their backgrounds and then I am going to build the campaign organically from their ...
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  3. D&D Game Recap

    Last night I played a game of D&D using P&P's chat service for the first time in a year or more. I had an excellent time, and was joined by another PC towards the end of the night. I wanted to extend invitations for any other D&D players interested in playing. We'll be setting up a chat room at 9:00 p.m. Central Time. We're looking for players with premade characters between lvls 6-8. Various editions are being used. I have a Tallfellow Fighter/Thief made in 2E fashion, who is 6th lvl. ...
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  4. GM Style - Originally Written - Jul 6, 2010, 1:46pm

    I've come to the recent conclusion about my own styles lately.

    I'm a dice chucker and this is why. If there were no stats there would be no dice and there wouldn't be a game. It would only be an interactive story. During yesterday's chat room game Dan/Sabby was facing an angry mob of 38. For the purist role player he played his character. He decided to retreat back into the store front and talk with the people. The clues that were presented to him (getting shot at 38 times and only ...
  5. Amusing Anecdotes from the Round Table

    Since humor is important in our daily lives and most everyone on this forum probably has a funny experience they would like to share about a game they are playing or GM’ing in, I thought I would start this blog about humorous things that have happened. My goal is to put one a week to brighten everyone’s day. Please feel free to comment if you enjoy it or with your own comedic relief.

    A friend of mine GM’s a very entertaining Traveller game. During one of the sessions, he starts of ...
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