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  1. FF HERO: getting past the guards

    It seems my players are taking the subtle approach as opposed to the brute force approach. Either is fine with me. Just a bit surprised.

    So they get off of the train and see the guards guarding the main gate to the reactor.

    They find an alley, climb up to the roof, and use it to get into position. After some deliberating, they find it is a bit risky to get in without subduing the guards. They surprise the guards and are able to dispatch them quite quickly. They ...
  2. I have too many thoughts ...

    by , 01-01-2011 at 10:43 PM (Inside lives a goblin that feeds on indecision.)
    For a while now I've been claiming I'll start a new game Real Soon Now ... as I have been for years. Partly I'm worried that it will be Orc Lands all over again. (Or the V:tR campaign I joined last year.) Partly I just can't decide on a concept.

    At the end of the final CompCharGen article I listed 26 concepts for a next game. The list changed somewhat: "Elysium" is on the backburner, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" has a pilot, and Stars Without Number joined ...
  3. JaNoWriMo - write a book in January begins today.

    Okay, todays the day to begin JaNoWriMo.

    I will beginning a science fiction novel based on a game idea I had just recently. The universe is one of my own devising; a universe that would be considered a potential future of our world. With possible rare exceptions, all my Science Fiction books and games will develop and see print based off this possible/probable/potential future.

    The goal is 50,000 words in 31 days
  4. My First Blog Post/I Just Played My First Pen and Paper Game Ever

    Hello all, so I have recently joined your forum here, and while I've only had one post, I can already appreciate your community and the tools you give each other to find other players. I decided that while it may not be an exciting topic, I thought it might be interesting to follow myself from the beginning of my pen and paper gaming and maybe document my progression.
    I got into Dungeons and Dragons by non other than the popular web comic, Penny Arcade. After I listened to the podcasts ...
    Campaign Logs
  5. TOEE: earth elemental temple

    Today I am going to take you through the temple, from the entrance to the main stage. By the time the heroes finish off the main stage, they should level up.

    Main thing to note, no troglodytes. They were too high level, and seemed like a pain to adjust so many. Instead, I have picked Duergar and Myconids to replace them. Myconids are a good fit for earth, and duergar ain't too bad in my opinion.

    Also, I did SOME fiddling with respect to switching abilities and ...
    4e conversions