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  1. TOEE: return to the blog! Entering of the crater ridge mines.

    I know its been a while (~7 or so months), but somebody said they like my little conversion, and who am I to deny them! You never know, maybe I'll be able to run this puppy again.

    In any case, as a reminder, last time we just left Rastor and were headed towards the mines. My players were NOT subtle, so the main door defenses were able to shore up and prepare.

    So the alarm sounds in rooms 2-10. Rooms 2-5 were the "first" encounter. So will describe ...
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  2. Designing Skill challenges

    Previously I rambled on about the ways in which I use skill challenges, and a bit about what lead me to that opinion. Iím still not done wasting time going on and on about these challenges. Having them lumped in with combat means that careful design of the challenges is key. Just like you canít randomly grab monsters and drop them on the battlemat and expect the encounter to be any good, you canít just toss in a skill challenge and expect it to work well.

    Obviously the first thing ...
  3. The Year of Blue Fire: Gearing Up

    So, our first game for the Year of Blue Fire campaign is coming up this Friday. Iíve got the basic concept together for the first adventure, but I still need to sit down and stat out potential encounters and spend some time jotting down key locations and information. I usually work well under pressure and it is a first level game, so Iím not too worried about it.

    Iíve decided to try out logging the campaign on Obsidian Portal. I created a campaign there last night. So far, Iíve only ...
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  4. Skill Challenges

    In the D&D 4E games Iíve been running Iíve been trying to make use of Skill Challenges periodically. Reading about them I really love the way that game mechanic feels, since it gives you a direct way to engage the players with a purely role play scenario. The trouble is that thus far I havenít had much success incorporating them into the game sessions. I know thereís been a ton of stuff written about them already; but none of it was said by me, which I think means that still more needs to ...
  5. Black Pyramid of the ancient cloakers REMAKE (D&D 4e lvl 18-19): floor 2

    here is floor 2. Now I didn't include WHAT an ancient cloaker is technically. The Ancient Cloaker is an adapted version of the Cloaker.

    For fear of copyright infringement, I won't include any details on AnC's or the Chief cloaker. What I was thinking was modify certain creatures to be LIKE cloakers. Basically switch and swap abilities. The following are the creatures I was thinking of using as a base (add in cloaker abilities like shadow shift and engulf):

    Herald ...

    Updated 12-15-2010 at 11:02 AM by yukonhorror

    4e conversions
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