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  1. Group, GM or System

    Group, GM or System

    I see a lot of posts about various systems and this has prompted some thoughts on my part and might provoke some questions on everyone elseís part. Which is most important: the group, game or system? How do you rank them?

    Group (50%): This is the most important IMHO because if players donít get along or simply the group doesnít mesh well, everything else is moot. Face it Ė who wants to spend several hours with people they canít ...
  2. Giving 4e one more try

    Today I was invited over to one of my childhood friend's house my friend told me he had a game he wanted me to help him out with to my dismay it turned out to be 4e D&D. Now I have tried this edition more than one time as player and as DM and every time I did it always seemed to leave a very sour taste in my mouth.

    To me it never seem to hold the same magic the same feel that earlier editions did to me, however my friend wanted me to help him learn the rules of the game as he was ...
  3. Learning Warmachine

    A couple of the friends that I play D&D with, are big on tabletop war games as well. Warhammer, Warmachine, Song of Blades and Heroes, that sort of stuff. For a while now, they've been trying to get the rest of the group to try out those games. Their main hurdle is that when all of us get together we'd rather progress the D&D campaign instead of try something new.

    As I've recently had twin babies move in with me, my free time has been drastically cut short. Which means ...
  4. GM / Self Defeating NPCs

    Currently in the Shadowrun Game I'm running, it seems that I have the beginnings of the over use of Spirits. Basically, PCs have begun to use spirits to do tasks that they can do. The party is mage heavy to begin with so its not like they need it. To me Spirits are self-defeating NPCs.

    In the past any SR game that I have played in or GM'd for, spirits were used sparingly for this reason.

    Has anyone ever had this happen in SR or any other game? What did you do?
  5. Atlas Games Releases Free "Dragon's Heirs" Official Archetypes PDF

    I'm glad this PDF is finally done and up on the Atlas site - nice to see it up there, and I appreciate the help from the co-author Jay and the other resources provided from other members there and some here as well; I couldn't have put it all together without the help. Blurb follows:

    Hey all, anyone interested in the Feng Shui RPG might find the following useful, as Atlas Games has uploaded a free PDF which compiles brief summaries of each of their 59 official archetypes into one ...