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  1. Nefarious Tendancies - Drow and Wolves and Spiders, Oh My!

    Aeris, Graven and Sardis recover for the remainder of the night above an abandoned butcher’s shop. At dawn, Sardis goes out to explore the village alone. Aeris and Graven rest and spend the morning in casual conversation while they recooperated.

    Sardis did not find much of interest in the village. He did grab some basic supplies as he went from building to building. The villages had taken most of their valuables and food when they fled. The werewolves had taken anything that remained. ...
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  2. Gamer's Resolutions

    Promises to Myself for the New Year

    1. Stretch myself as a player
    Create more complex characters
    Really get into their heads
    Have my characters evolve more during game play
    Get a better handle on my vocal accents and avoid accent drift

    2. Organize myself as a GM
    Have material read for more than a single game session ahead of time
    Keep my antagonists organized and ready for re-use and recycling
    Pack my bag of GM equipment
  3. Nefarious Tendancies - Northward Bound

    After leaving Faith-hold Keep, Graven and Aeris rest up during the day. The following night, they head to the Sour Ghoul Tavern to see what is going on. Celebrations continue after the death of Elena. The two sell the paperwork they found in Elena’s office to Deathsong and collect their reward for participating in the previous night’s incursion. A mysterious stranger in the tavern catches Aeris’ eye.

    At the black market, Aeris strikes up a conversation with the mysterious stranger. ...
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  4. The Frugal GM: Are Gaming Supplements Necessary Evils?

    As a GM: When running a game, of course I have my core rule book either in electronic or print format, sometimes both. If a newer version is published, I don’t necessarily buy it. If the old version suffices, I keep using it. When it comes to supplements, I buy what I consider important to the overall grand plot. For instance, if the setting is New York and the system has a New York supplement that I think is quality and at a reasonable price (usually used or electronic), I purchase it. Otherwise, ...
  5. Sembian Merchant in Suzail (Part 1)

    Some time ago I had my first attempt at DMing in the 4th Edition Forgotten Realms setting. I hadn't read through all of the lore, but in skimming over the details of the locations I latched onto the Netheril/Shadowvar occupation of Sembia. It sounded like a fun place to start an adventure. Flipping through a bunch of modules for quest hook ideas I put together a fairly decent story for my players to go through.

    As I was typing up the story in case I wanted to reuse it later, ...