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  1. The Dresden Files RPG: Kickback City

    A quick summary of our Dresden Files game, up to the latest session.

    Washington, D.C.: "Kickback City"

    - Themes (Aspect): Entrenched political groups make it difficult to enact change (Us vs. Them)
    - Threats (Aspect): Growing dissatisfaction calls the underprivileged to action (What About the People?); New powers make plays for established territory (Small Time, For Now).

    The Cast

    Jesop Manson (Focused Practitioner)
    - High ...
    Campaign Logs
  2. D&D Pathfinder Chesapeake Beach Maryland/DC/Annapolis area.

    World - Forgotten Realms map + originally unfinished continents with some Wheel of Time classes, Codex Alera and Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Celts, Vikings, and Gauls transported to Toril via lost fleets from Storms at Sea. Using PATHFINDER rules.

    We have a 14 x 4 foot gaming table with Plexiglas cover, overhead projector for maps with 12 x 6 foot screen, about 2000 D&D figures monsters and heroes, enough 28 mm buildings to layout a city, enough forest terrain for Fangorn Forest, ...
  3. Classic Battletech in Maryland/DC area

    We are a gaming group in Chesapeake Beach Maryland who meet once a month for battles. We have a 14 ft x 4 ft terrain table, books, material, 3d terrain, and software for mech sheets.

    We do team battles, challenges, and run battle campaigns.

    Always looking for more ADULT players.

    We usually cook dinner here or order out and there's a Keg of beer on tap 24/7 (right now it's Smithwicks Irish Ale)

    Right now we're playing a campaign in 3031 with all ...

    Updated 01-30-2011 at 03:52 PM by Carnis77

  4. Shadowrun Rules Augment

    In my previous post I mentioned that I have a list of disagreements with some rules so I thought I would put them here. Some of these augments can be used in other systems as well. Let me know if you like them. I'm curious of what folks think of my creativity and my thoughts on attribute defaulting in any system.

    SR4 Rules Augmented

    When using Astral Perception, the sorcerer can either perceive cyber and essence like the book does. OR They may ...
  5. Group, GM or System

    Group, GM or System

    I see a lot of posts about various systems and this has prompted some thoughts on my part and might provoke some questions on everyone elseís part. Which is most important: the group, game or system? How do you rank them?

    Group (50%): This is the most important IMHO because if players donít get along or simply the group doesnít mesh well, everything else is moot. Face it Ė who wants to spend several hours with people they canít ...