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  1. GM / Self Defeating NPCs

    Currently in the Shadowrun Game I'm running, it seems that I have the beginnings of the over use of Spirits. Basically, PCs have begun to use spirits to do tasks that they can do. The party is mage heavy to begin with so its not like they need it. To me Spirits are self-defeating NPCs.

    In the past any SR game that I have played in or GM'd for, spirits were used sparingly for this reason.

    Has anyone ever had this happen in SR or any other game? What did you do?
  2. Atlas Games Releases Free "Dragon's Heirs" Official Archetypes PDF

    I'm glad this PDF is finally done and up on the Atlas site - nice to see it up there, and I appreciate the help from the co-author Jay and the other resources provided from other members there and some here as well; I couldn't have put it all together without the help. Blurb follows:

    Hey all, anyone interested in the Feng Shui RPG might find the following useful, as Atlas Games has uploaded a free PDF which compiles brief summaries of each of their 59 official archetypes into one ...
  3. Module Review: Scepter Tower of Spellgard

    So I thought it might be fun to post reviews of the various modules Iíve made use of recently. Perhaps itíll be useful to someone else to know about it before using it themselves, but more likely itíll serve as a reminder when Iím looking over titles for something to use next in my own campaigns.

    These will all be modules that Iíve used as a DM, Iím not about to rate the experience from a player since far too much of the detail might not be used because of the choices the players ...
  4. FF HERO: getting past the guards

    It seems my players are taking the subtle approach as opposed to the brute force approach. Either is fine with me. Just a bit surprised.

    So they get off of the train and see the guards guarding the main gate to the reactor.

    They find an alley, climb up to the roof, and use it to get into position. After some deliberating, they find it is a bit risky to get in without subduing the guards. They surprise the guards and are able to dispatch them quite quickly. They ...
  5. I have too many thoughts ...

    by , 01-01-2011 at 10:43 PM (Inside lives a goblin that feeds on indecision.)
    For a while now I've been claiming I'll start a new game Real Soon Now ... as I have been for years. Partly I'm worried that it will be Orc Lands all over again. (Or the V:tR campaign I joined last year.) Partly I just can't decide on a concept.

    At the end of the final CompCharGen article I listed 26 concepts for a next game. The list changed somewhat: "Elysium" is on the backburner, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" has a pilot, and Stars Without Number joined ...