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  1. TOEE: earth elemental temple

    Today I am going to take you through the temple, from the entrance to the main stage. By the time the heroes finish off the main stage, they should level up.

    Main thing to note, no troglodytes. They were too high level, and seemed like a pain to adjust so many. Instead, I have picked Duergar and Myconids to replace them. Myconids are a good fit for earth, and duergar ain't too bad in my opinion.

    Also, I did SOME fiddling with respect to switching abilities and ...
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  2. The Dresden Files beat up my nWOD

    So I picked up the PDFs and I must say I'm not sure if I'll need nWOD anymore. Now if I'm running Vampire or Dark Ages or something I have oWOD and I have a few houserules that I've borrowed from nWOD to make it better but thats not what I'm talking about. I'm talking a sandbox modern day horror game and thats what the Dresden Files delivers. Don't mistake me for meaning toolkit, its not a toolkit like GURPS. Dresden Files has tropes much like D&D has tropes, things like what makes a wizard ...
  3. D3 Games presents a Neptune City Narrative:

    USA-50: Book of the West

    The best nation on Earth deserves the best heroes for its defense. Whether they walk the boulevards of Hollywood, look over the oil fields of the North Slope, or can hike the Grand Canyon on the way to grandma's house, the heroes of the western United States stand strong in the face of injustice. They are the chosen few, the best super-heroes each state of teh union can offer, forged into a team that makes a mighty weapon against evil.

    They ...
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  4. Control

    Control - You must learn control!

    Some GM/DM/ST Advice:

    The Monolog

    There are times when you are running a game, and you set up the great encounter facing the big bad evil guy and the guy is about to spill the beans on his master plans. Cliché to the max but it happens. Ok there is always one smart ass player that will want to shoot him before he is done. As a rule of thumb just ask to not attack until after the monolog. This will solve a lot of issues.
  5. TOEE: spiders, a closet full of undead, and a bit of Deus Ex Machina

    Howdy! Thought I'd deliver a bit of a treat for the holidays before I take my vacation. This was the last bit the adventurers of my game went. After this, it will be what I PLANNED on happening, but won't be able to give you insight on how an example group would have handled it.

    So from the central area, you can go south or north. The mentality of 4e is not as forgiving as 3rd edition. In 3rd edition, if the monsters were easy, you leveled up slow and if they were hard, you ...

    Updated 12-21-2010 at 12:44 PM by yukonhorror

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