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  1. Gaming, Tennis or Tea

    Now my comments are not about the game that I am running because folks stay in character pretty well but there is a game that I play in where that is NOT the case. The system we play is my favorite so yes I want to stay in character. Sure, when I arrive at the game, I'm good to chat for awhile, take a break or two during, and certainly chat afterwards. However, this particular group won't stay in character for more than five minutes at a time and that's generous.

    Finally, ...
  2. FF HERO: campaign blog

    so... Things are on their way. Characters have been created (for the most part), and now I am getting the first adventure underway.

    Decided on FF7 as the main storyline, but some elements from other games (like FF8). I will post a log of what happened, who did what, etc... along with details on monsters I make. I won't post these till AFTER the heroes have battled them (in case they read this blog).

    I hope you enjoy though.

    But the story will start ...

    Updated 09-27-2010 at 12:06 PM by yukonhorror

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  3. A new game

    by , 09-27-2010 at 07:46 AM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    As we have come to the conclusion of our second 2E D&D game, we will be looking to start a new game sometime during the second half of October. This time we will be playing Conspiracy X. It will be GMed by Etarnon and will be interesting to see what unfolds in a non D&D world. At the present time, I am not sure if I will make a campaign log for my character or not. Also, speaking of character, I have no idea what type of a character I will be playing. I am excited to be able to get ...
  4. A Quick Encounter - Solo Adventures returns!

    Yes. I haven't posted in over a month. It's been crazy on the home front. Also, my stepson has gone back to school, so I only see him on the weekends now, meaning Solo time will be a little bit less frequent. A few weeks back I managed to get in the encounter I spoke of in my last post. I thought it would be a quick bang bang fight with some hoodlums, but it turned out to be a 2 hour long fight-fest! And here's what happened.

    Donn has agreed to help Kelson (the leader of the River ...
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  5. Turning Tricks

    Ha! Ha! I thought the name would get snap folks awake..Anyhow its GM Tricks of the Trade
    I have a few tricks and shortcuts that I thought I would share. Please share your own and let me know what you think. For all of you who leave and have left comments, I thank you for your support.
    Floor Plans
    Three cheap options to avoid drawing them yourself:
    Buy an architectural magazine my fave and costs about $4
    Clearance game books no matter what the system, a floorplan ...