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  1. 1e/OSRIC game

    Tonight, around 8pm central, I'll be running an OSRIC/1e game online. For those not in the know, OSRIC stands for Old School Reference and Index Compilation. It's intent is to provide a basis for AD&D 1e games so that enterprising individuals can write, share, and sell AD&D games and products. Well, I'm one of those individuals, and I'm doing some demo/playtesting tonight for Johnny Rook Games (

    Come visit the irc network Darkmyst ( ...
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  2. Floorplans HELP


    While I can get home and business floor plans and tons of maps for travel and just add some stuff to make it an SR4 genre, I completely stink at drawing and thought maybe some folks here may know of a resource for me at a free or nominal price.

    I want to make a complicated B&E for a small museum. I would like realistic floor plans and maybe even some security measures. This is a futuristic setting but a modern museum (preferred) would do. Some of the ...
  3. New players

    Quote Originally Posted by mrken View Post
    Two old players (Brandon and Rick) and one new one (David) joined to reset the game. Got characters created and did some good roll playing. No combat this time as it was an abbreviated opening session. Will get together on the 4th of December 2010 with another new player to make four players. Two more possible players have made contact. Looking forward to the 4th.
  4. Savage Worlds Hellfrost Chat Game In Works, Review

    Hello, sometime soon to-be-announced, I am going to be running a one-shot game in the P&PG chatroom of Pinnacle Games' Savage Worlds' system using Triple Ace Games' Hellfrost fantasy setting, and would like anyone who wants to play, to make characters and post them in the following thread on my Iced Tea PBP Group like Pieh has done with his Frost Dwarf Ice Rigger.

    I have created a Hellfrost ...
  5. The Year of Blue Fire - Campaign Background

    I am starting up another campaign soon. I may be a little crazy for trying to run two games simulateously and "assist-DM" in a third, but I just couldn't resist when my buddy asked me to run a game for a group he was putting together.

    Unlike most games I have run in the past, I'm not coming to the table with a campaign idea already in hand. Instead, I am working with the players to create their backgrounds and then I am going to build the campaign organically from their ...
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