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  1. TOEE: BONUS! beasts GALORE!

    As it is pretty short and in case your adventurers take the left path first:

    202: silverback ape (level 5 brute, leader)
    great ape x4 (level skirmisher)

    203: Ape temple Guardian [lvl 6 soldier]

    The apes are VERY territorial. If any creature enters their lair, the go ballistic.

    The silverback ape will immediately holler for the temple guardian ape. He'll then use fling at the nearest foe. As soon as the guardian is in range, he ...
    4e conversions
  2. FF HERO: the way home

    So on the way home, they board the train. The bomb goes off and the conductor announces Shinra security is going to search the train. A woman named Aeris appears to be very nervous.

    She convinces the party to hide her and they do not object. They escape the train undetected and hide in a ventilation shaft. They follow it into a small room with a lot of pipes and such. They exit and go into a subway tunnel.

    A couple of security sentries (robots) meet up with ...
  3. TOEE: North Bridge Complex

    got to it easier than I thought. A lot of these creatures YES come from dungeon magazines. But I bet you can find good analogues if you don't have access. As always, will include level and role.

    Also, will go in order I would think the party would approach each room.

    216 Has Ig and Og
    Og: Og, Orog Hero (level 6 elite soldier)
    Ig: magrak Ironjaw (level 6 elite brute)

    Og will take on the the very mobile/ranged strikers (rangers, rogues, ...
  4. TOEE: no new updates :(

    sorry guys. With my FF HERO game and life, I have been uber busy, so haven't been able to make new conversion stuff for TOEE campaign.

    Hopefully in a week or so, things will calm down again.
    4e conversions
  5. FF HERO: the lab, cast changing and mission accomplished!

    Sorry it has been a while. I have been crazy busy with so many things. Not that many people read my blog, but just in case, this is for you.

    So did some MAJOR revisions on my baddies. Made them more accurate, do more damage, and have a lot more BODY/STUN (hp for the non-HERO people). Combat was WAY better. Not too challenging, but still a struggle. I am happy with how things have balanced out.

    So our heroes subdued the guard with some grappling and some punching. ...