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  1. Solomon Kane Chatlog, Session 5

    So I ran Session 5 of Solomon Kane, the first real beginnings for the Wanderers, on a definite beginning of a quest to find their destinies. I'm... not sure what I think. I forgot to save Session 4. I'm certain this adventure should have only been 1 session long, but it's going to run 3 (hope to GOD it doesn't exceed that, or I've done something horribly, horribly wrong) - and no combat in it so far. I feel like I've failed somewhere, very badly, but the players that stuck around seemed to have ...

    Updated 04-02-2011 at 01:20 AM by jpatterson

  2. Random Superhero Campaign ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by Utgardloki View Post
    I turned on the TV, and the guy on TV was talking about how many bridges there are in the United States that are in danger of collapsing because of lack of maintenance. That got me thinking of an idea for a character in a superheroes campaign.

    An engineer knows that a bridge is likely to collapse, but she can't get the government to spend the money to fix it. So she blows it up herself, blocking up traffic first and working late at night so that innocent people are not hurt.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons

    Although it was my first RPG it is not what got me into the hobby. That would not come until I saw the Street Samurai Catalog at the Walden Books and the rest is history. However I like the concept of D&D, "party of fantasy heros battle a monster". For myself it was all about the monsters and I wouldn't have more than a passing relationship with D&D until the Monsterous Manual. I still love that book, all the fluff about the ecology of the monsters was pure awesome. AD&D 2e ...
  4. Feng Shui Actual Play: Heart of Darkness

    I don't remember when I ran the first part, sometime in 2010, before October, but I got a chance to finish the adventure up for my players - FINALLY! David Eber's Heart of Darkness.

    NOTE: Spoilers below, so if you are or will be a player in the adventure, it is best not to read this. I'm summarizing both sessions into one, and combining two groups, which consisted of a few different characters, for simplicity.

    Adventure: Heart of Darkness - David Eber
    Available ...

    Updated 03-29-2011 at 10:33 PM by jpatterson

  5. Combat or A Chance to use the little gray cells

    Combat or Creativity

    To all GMs out there and answer this honestly: Do you create bad guys or situations where instead of using combat to diffuse the situation a player can realistically use their creativity to diffuse the situation?

    If combat is the only solution, is the GM creating the power gamers?

    How do you define combat?

    PC Definition: A chance to kill some bad guys
    GM Definition: A chance ...
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