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  1. Combat or A Chance to use the little gray cells

    Combat or Creativity

    To all GMs out there and answer this honestly: Do you create bad guys or situations where instead of using combat to diffuse the situation a player can realistically use their creativity to diffuse the situation?

    If combat is the only solution, is the GM creating the power gamers?

    How do you define combat?

    PC Definition: A chance to kill some bad guys
    GM Definition: A chance ...
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  2. GM Burn Out….NOT

    A few months ago I was getting psyched for my I have run a campaign for nearly a year GM burn-out. Astoundingly, I found myself NOT burned out or even anywhere near it. I said to myself Why not? I still work full time and put in over-time maybe more frequently than before while still refusing to give up my weekends (Yup-I’ll get to work on a weekday at 7 AM and put in the OT then without regret but with OT pay). What changed? – Many things I guess.

    1. Less frequency: I ...
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  3. FF HERO: the end

    Yes, for reasons to remain mysterious, this game (at least run by me) can be run no more.

    So no more juicy FF HERO posts (not that anyone reads these).

    As a side note: my blog posts on my FF HERO toolkit are WAY outdated. I have revamped them a TON. If someone wants my material, PM me and I'll email it to you.
  4. My Gaming Resume, or I'm So Totally Stealing jpatterson's Idea

    General Overview:
    Like my name says, I'm nothing if not eclectic. I enjoy more traditional gaming experiences like Savage Worlds and GURPS, but also find myself drawn to various indie games like Don't Rest Your Head and Dread. It's pretty difficult to predict what will pique my interest, but this resume should give you some idea of what I've already done. I'm also a bit scatter-brained, and I don't know every game out there, so if you'd like to invite me to play in a game you're running, go ...
  5. FF HERO: playing dress-up

    So as is known, borrowing HEAVILY from the FF7 storyline.

    Why: it is a good story, and I think it'd be fun to play in tabletop format.

    So last week was the whole thing where Cloud gathers stuff for a girl's outfit to get into Corneo's place.

    This is how it played out:

    Using Aeris as a plot device, she suggests going to the Honey Bee Hive (local burlesque house) as Corneo buys flowers for the girls there all the time and brings them by. ...