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  1. D&D Pathfinder d20 fantasy : once/month NYC, NNJ, Westchester, Rockland

    About me: 38, have been playing and running various games for over 20 years. Not only table top but LARPs as well. Great attention to detail and combat. Pretty damn creative.

    I am looking for 3 to 5 player for a home brew campaign. I would prefer players to be mature, ahem, over 21+.

    About the game: I will be using the Pathfinder system. I run the game more as a story teller than a DM. The world is my own. I do not in general force players into "modules" rather ...
  2. Adventure Design

    Iíve recently started DMing quite a bit, its been several years and a couple editions of D&D since Iíve done so. I think the last time I ran a significant campaign was back with 2E. The rules have changed quite a bit, but the tasks that you need to do as a DM havenít really changed much. As Iím relearning those tricks I figured Iíd type up some of the notes so that if I take a lengthy break again I wonít forget quite as much.

    One of the first problems that Iíve run into is ...
  3. Black Pyramid of the ancient cloakers REMAKE (D&D 4e lvl 18-19): floor 1

    So there has been this 2nd ed D&D adventure around for a long time via the interwebs. I have always personally like it (most of it anyway), and I have converted it to 3rd ed, and now attempt to do it again for 4th. Unfortunately 4e's mentality on encounters is MUCH different, so it was a bit trickier this time around. Anyhoo, here is my attempt at it. The intro I didn't touch. I mainly tweeked the encounters and puzzles and such. This is the first floor and an intro (from the original ...

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    4e conversions
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  4. Taking the Plunge

    Well, I want to play. This is coming up to my busiest time of year for work. I am trying to sell my house to move back to where my siblings and their families live, and we grew up, nearly 600 miles from here. I will have lots of opportunity to play as player or GM once I move. I plan to play with my sons over Christmas break. If anyone lives near Kalamazoo and wants to play AD&D or Old School/clones, let me know.

    Updated 09-01-2012 at 01:54 AM by Fasbold

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  5. Night One: The Half-Orc Assassin

    Played the first OSRIC/1e game last night on, #WestgateAdventures_OOC (open call for players) and it went pretty well, considering only one player signed up so far. The game was impromptu, but it was dictated pretty well by player desires and random background generation. The game is going to be low plot, letting players dictate speed and style of play. There will be dungeons to explore and stories to tell, but these will be on a game-by-game basis with no railroading or metaplot ...
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