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  1. Jen's 7th Sea Game 4-20-11: Raymondo Glim 2

    “Excuse me, kind sirs,” I said. “I apologize for interrupting.”

    They turned a looked at me.

    “I could not help but overhearing you before,” I said as Donald wandered over to us, Gethen close behind. “You said that a carriage took the last ferry across with some people aboard?”

    “No, they were going to,” the Vodacce said. “But for some reason or other, they wanted to trade this fine carriage for my riding horse. I got the better end of that deal.”
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  2. Jen's 7th Sea Game 4-20-11: Raymondo Glim 3

    * * *

    We slept in until the late morning and had a large breakfast.

    “We are going to go to a wealthy merchant’s house,” Alonzo said to me as we ate. “We are going to cause some sort of trouble.”

    “Possibly,” I said.

    “We are going to try to get the girl and leave,” he went on.

    “Yes,” I said.

    “We should try to arrange some kind of transportation beforehand,” Nichole said.

    “That sounds ...
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  3. My Barbarians of Lemuria: Legendary Edition Character

    Kel, Male, Beshaari Desert-Dweller, Race of Man, Wandering Hero
    Attributes: Str 1, Agl 1, Mind 1, Appeal 1
    Combat Abilities: Brawl 0, Melee 1, Ranged 1, Defense 2
    Careers: Barbarian 1, Hunter 2, Peasant 0, Healer 1
    Boons: Beastfriend, Keen Eyesight +1d
    Flaws: Landlubber -1d sea
    LifeBlood (LB): 12
    HeroPoints (HP): 5
    Languages (S/R/W): Besharri, Lemurian
    Armor: Light d6-2 - battle harness, loincloth, boots, bracers, bronze crownband ...

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  4. A strange collection of side skills

    I'm not sure how it came up, but the other day I got to thinking about the many ways that playing tabletop role playing games has offered benefits elsewhere in life. I think its obvious how playing such games can increase your creativity and gives you another reason to be social, but it seems like the effect reach into a number of less obvious areas.

    For example when pondering dastardly things to do yo players in my games, I tend to do best when engaged in some activity that needs ...
  5. Jen's 7th Sea Game 4-13-11: Raymondo Glim 1

    Thursday, April 14, 2011

    (After playing Jennifer’s 7th Sea game with Rich, Don, Wendy, RedJen, Nathan, and Jenny from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday.)

    The Tale of Raymondo Glim

    After the battle, Fernando asked me what to do to heal the terrible head wound the Montaigne had accidently inflicted upon him. I told him I would recommend a potent poultice that would see to his cure within three days. I had planned to get the smelliest and nastiest weeds I could ...
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