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  1. Picking the right D&D for your child

    This is a loaded question. My son is not even one yet and I'm already thinking that he has to play D&D at leased a couple times to try it out but with so many version which one is the best. The Rules Cyclopedia/Dark Dungeon edition is very basic, its where Dwarf is a class. Despite some of the oddities this game is a thing of beauty from its simplicity. This is the 'rules lite' indie version of D&D if there is such a thing. AD&D 1e is well thought out, interesting choices (with unearthed ...
  2. Resurrection or New Character?

    Sometimes its hard to decide... I've long past the power gamer stage where i need a character that is the hero and can do everything in every situation. Heck, i don't worry about dying so much as i worry about a good death when it comes. But... what do you do when you are faced with the proposition of the possibility of resurrection vs. the opportunity to play a really cool new character concept? On the one hand, there's a lot invested in the old character... but its old hat. Its known and understood, ...
  3. "True to Life" Experience in an RPG

    Is it hard to find "realism" or "true to life" experience delivered in an RPG? First - do you want it?

    I think, first of all, it depends on the game you're in, and what expectations you were given, before you joined. If you joined with the promise or idea that it would be "true to life", regardless of what the genre/setting was, then yes, it definitely should be as close to what you expect as possible.

    However, the player also has a lot ...
  4. West Shore Realms

    Quote Originally Posted by happyvargr View Post


    Adventurers Wanted!

    Defend the lands of Faern from evil by joining us for...

    D&D 4th Edition Forgotten Realms

    We play every other Sunday from 12PM to 4PM in the West Shore (Mechanicsburg) Pennsylvania area.

    This is a beginner-friendly group, but all are welcome.

    For more information
  5. My first time DM'ing- a few weeks in.

    Hi guys. I have been playing D&D for about 3 months. I have been DM'ing for 2 of those three months. I am posting this today to share with you a summary of my game and maybe even ask for some feed back on my apparent DM'ing skills (or lack there of).

    First, I will introduce the players: (Please note that my world may[WILL] not be cannon with the D&D world)

    Mordicus- An unaligned Deva, Wizard. Mordicus was born Mathias during The Old Time when the Deva ruled ...