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  1. No Man's Land

    Quote Originally Posted by Descronan View Post
    Hey all,

    I've been working on the latest release of my game system and I'm at the point where I need some serious playtesting and feedback. The prior round of playtesting brought out a lot of great areas for improvement and expansion so I would like to get another group together to dive in deep.

    This is the last phase before I finalize the rules and move forward with artwork and expanding the background info. Are you up for the challenge?

    System: Sundered
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  2. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: tome of magic and general spell mechanics

    So I figured a central location of how all spells (and spell like whatnots) would be beneficial. While the cost COULD be negotiable, I figure these are nice starting numbers for classes:

    Invocations: multipower 40 pt reserve (40 active pts) OAF(-1) gestures (-1/4) incantations (-1/4) costs x4 END (-3/4) only with light armor or less (-1/2) real cost: 8 pts

    OAF is either a rod/mace (warlock) or a staff (dragonfire adept). Also, dragonfire adept has only cloth ...
  3. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: PH2 and minis handbook classes

    Regarding the beguiler, it is kind of like the warmage and wu jen. Just spells (pretty much). The other things are a core component of HERO already, so no need to make explicit powers.

    The duskblade wasn't too far off. However, I did do some of the cantrips from arcane attunement.


    Arcane attunement: multipower 10 pt reserve; (10 active pts) 8 charges/day(-1/2) real cost: 8 pts

    Detect magic: detect magic items (5 active ...
  4. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: oddball classes

    These are the classes that have to be hunted for. The archivist and dread necromancer from heroes of horror, the dragonfire adept from dragon magic, and the factotum from dungeonscape

    All of the factotum is versatility, so I figure lots of mutlipowers and VPPs were the best bet The charges represent the "inspiration pts".

    Cunning: multipower 5 pt pool; 12 continuing charges/day (extra phase) (5 active pts) real cost: 5 pts
  5. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: complete divine and complete warrior (classes)

    complete divine was pretty involved because of spirit shaman. Also, a lot of free "feats" in a lot of classes. If the free feat is a group of feats, I don't plan on covering it. If it is ONE feat (like quick draw), well then, it is now defined


    Damage Reduction: -1 DC physical damage negation (15 active pts) not effective vs. cold iron [or silver, player’s choice] weapons (-1/4) real cost: 4 pts

    Diety’s weapon ...

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