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  1. convert 3.x D&D to HERO: prestige classes from DMG, location, and race books

    it is AMAZING how many prestige classes are meeh in the context of free-building in HERO. There are some things that are new and not included in the classes already covered, but they aren't worth covering. I might if a player so wishes it, but I am finding out, I will only cover classes that seem interesting.

    The cryokineticist is really the first P class from a location book (frost fell), so it got covered. There are interesting bits though.

  2. convert 3.x D&D to HERO: rogue, ranger, sorcerer, wizard


    Favored enemy: +10 PRE (10 active pts) only in relation to favored enemy type (skills and attacks) (-1) unified (-1/4) Real cots: 4 pts +10 INT(10 active pts) only in relation to favored enemy type (skills and perception) (-1) unified (-1/4) Real cots: 4 pts; +2 OCV (10 active pts) only in relation to favored enemy type (-1) unified (-1/4) Real cots: 4 pts; 2 8-pt CSLs (16 active pts) only with proficient weapons (-1/2) only for damage (-1/2) only in relation to favored enemy ...
  3. convert 3.x D&D to HERO: Druid, Fighter, Monk, and paladin


    Nature’s bond: do domains, but will do upon request

    Wild Empathy: 15 CP (bought as animal handler [all categories] 9+PRE/5)

    Woodland stride: flight 12 m (active cost 12 pts) only for natural surroundings (-1/2) only in contact with a solid surface (-1/4) real cost: 7 pts

    Resist nature’s lure: +10 EGO (10 active pts) only vs. fey attacks (-1) Real cost: 5 pts

    Venom immunity: immunity to all poisons (5 active pts) ...
  4. Converting D&D 3.x to HERO: BBC core classes (barbarian, bard, and cleric)


    Fast movement: +4 m ground movement (4 active pts) not when wearing heavy armor (-1/4) real cost: 3 pts

    Rage: 3d6 AID expanded effect (STR, CON, EGO, STUN) (+1.5) (45 active pts) only works in combat (-1/2) self only (-1) one at a time (-1) side effect: always enraged (14/- enter, 8/- to exit) (-1) side effect: -5 STR, -5 DEX until end of encounter or until healed after wear off (-1/4) side effect: -2 DCV while raging (-1/2) x2 END (-1/4) not while wearing ...
  5. Alignment Heresy and A Reformation: Alternate Alignments

    by , 04-07-2012 at 08:08 AM (Inside lives a goblin that feeds on indecision.)
    Law and Chaos might have no relevance in some campaigns. DMs may decide to forego alignments completely, or create an alternate system. A new system should include a Neutral or Unaligned option, and at least one active alignment.

    Monopolar alignments contrast with Unaligned, but have no true opposite. Spells detect merely its presence or absence. Examples in gaming include Shadow from Midnight and Chaos from Warhammer. One could also make this force positive, like Gnosis, a knowledge ...

    Updated 04-29-2012 at 09:13 PM by fmitchell

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