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  1. D&D character in HERO: the "jedi"

    Now, obviously, I could make a much better jedi in HERO. However, this is piecing together the elements from the D&D toolkit to construct a makeshift jedi. It takes mantles from complete psionic (to resemble "the force"), maneuvers and stances from tome of battle (to simulate the 7 different fighting styles of the jedi), and some monkiness (jump, fast movement, etc...).

    Name: Tonk Race: Elf
    Total Cost: 175 pts (50 pts of complications)

  2. D&D in HERO: the mauling rager

    So now we have this nifty toolkit, I thought I piecemeal some interesting characters together. With a SLIGHT emphasis on what could NEVER happen in 3.x due to level restrictions or even alignment restrictions.

    The first is a kind of combination between a monk and a barbarian and slightly a rogue

    Name: Tonk Race: Dwarf
    Total Cost: 175 pts (50 pts of complications)

    STR: 20 (10) SPD: 3 (10)
    CON: 15 (5)
    DEX: 18 (16) OCV: ...
  3. Convert 3.x D&D to HERO: equipment, alignment, and a "4th level half-orc barbarian"

    Starting money: 300 gp.

    Cost = (active cost + real cost) x2.

    Hand axe: short HKA 1d6 costs no END (+1/2) STR range base (+1/4) (26 active points) real weapon (-1/4) str min 6 (-1/4) OAF(-1) real cost: 10 pts.

    Battle axe: medium HKA 1.5d6 costs no END (+1/2) (37 active points) real weapon (-1/4) str min 10 (-1/2) OAF(-1) real cost: 13 pts.

    War axe: medium HKA 2d6 costs no END (+1/2) (45active ...
  4. Convert D&D 3.x to HERO: psionic and incarnum races

    now I didn't do EVERY race, (some were kind of lame), but I did do some:


    Ability Maxes:
    15 20 21 25 18 25

    Hard to perceive: +2 to stealth (4 active pts)

    Small: +1 DCV (5 active pts) unified (-1/4) real cost: 4 pts +1 OCV(5 active pts) unified (-1/4) real cost: 4 pts TOTAL cost: 8 pts

    Compound eyes: +1 to sight PER rolls, increased arc of perception (240o) ...
  5. AYMS - Angry Young Man Syndrome

    To preface this, I am someone who’s successfully been in sales, customer service, maintained vendor relations and had negotiation training. It might be safe to say I know something about convincing folks to do things.

    Training and experience aside, there’s a saying “you get more flies with honey than vinegar,” which I’m sure everyone has heard. Most of the time the honey saying works but about 5 percent of the time, one has to be a bit stern. Secondly, common sense ...