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  1. Reaper Mini Kickstarter

    I know this is my blog, but I recently pledged to a kickstarter for the Reaper miniatures line "Bones". I'm not one to usually advertise for a company but this is so sick I thought I'd share it on here. So Reaper Minis have recently launched their BONES collection and they were looking for ways to explode their line. They've already surpassed that goal....but the deals you get for being a pledge member are just incredible. Currently for a 100 dollar pledge you are getting ...
  2. Using 1e Modules for 4e: Treasure

    Back in the 1e days, treasure was important. The amount of treasure you hauled off gave you XP. And you needed it. A magic user needed 2500 Xp just to get to level 2 so he could get one more spell . You were not going to earn that XP by killing kobolds all day with a stick. In addition, there were training cost and you were really allowed only to advance one level per adventure, having any XP left over putting you 1 away from the next level!

    Not that every group followed these instructions, ...
  3. Using 1e Modules for 4e: On the Fly Powers

    Making Power on the Fly
    I talked about the 1e to 4e conversion in the previous post and noted the lack of power in the monsters besides their basic attacks. One of the aspects of 4e is the ability of DM's to create with monsters abilities they think would be a great challenges or story elements. I personally follow a more story aspect in DMing, as I am not a great strategist. So here are some on-the fly abilities I can apply to my monsters that require no real extra designing *i.e I am not ...
  4. Using 1e Modules for 4e: Quick and Dirty Conversion

    I was greatly influenced by the 1 page free game Searchers of the Unknown which premise was to create and play characters the same as monster stats for the purpose of playing 1e modules. I was nostalgic in the old days when a monster stat was two or three lines rather than a mountain of information, and in 4e, a table of information that took up space.

    Using AD&D stat blocks for 4e monsters
    The point of this exercise is to allow a DM to use a 1e module to play a 4e game ...
  5. Guyenne World Summary

    by , 08-01-2012 at 08:28 PM (The Dungeon Master's Journal of the Unquiet Lands)
    Not strictly part of the Unquiet Lands, this is a world summary provided for the "classic" Traveller campaign that I run every few weeks in the Pen and Paper Games chat room. The game takes place in the Sabine subsector of the Third Imperium, circa 1102. Both the subsector map and the historical time frame have been altered from the official material in places.

    System Overview (Guyenne/Sabine 0204-XXX-W-G)
    Guyenne is the first planet of Cognac, a rather dim, main sequence ...

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