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  1. Ventrilo as a Baby Monitor?

    This may be less than interesting for those of you who've never had kids. For that matter, it may be less than interesting for those of you who do have kids, but I had to share this little story of my geekdom. I've found an interesting use for Ventrilo that I very much doubt the developers ever thought of when they designed it. Turns out it makes a great baby monitor. So, here was the dilemma I was faced with.

    It turns out that our new boy, Chris, is a very noisy sleeper. He's ...
  2. Dnd

    Hey guys, anybody got any roleplaying games around LA that I could hop into. I need a fix real bad, haha. Cheers
  3. Highlander

    Hey! I am trying to find players for my new highlander game. Its a homebrew game in which I tweaked a bunch of mechanics. It is a D20 game and I have been told it is very fun. If you are interested please let me know. The game will be played at my home in Santa Monica, I will be able to arrange rides to the game also. I am also planning on running a Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 game from my house also. So if you are interested in gaming in general, you can email me at, or send me ...
  4. Exhausted

    So, "Baby Chris" has finally come home after being in the hospital for an entire month in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Nothing was wrong with him; he didn't have any problems that any baby born seven weeks early doesn't have. He just needed a little more time to "cook," as we like to say. But -- ding! -- the timer went off and now he's back with us here at home. (Not so secretly, by the way, I am waiting with anticipation to find out what the bill is going to be ...
  5. The Crimson Guard: Trail of the Cloven Hooves

    The start of the adventure had my whole group orginally. In the first session the dwarven Cleric Eldeth had appealed to the Govenor of Sumberton for aid for her village of Hemuluk (which was destroyed) accompanied by Illania the Eldarin Wizard and Kriv, the DragonBorne Paladin. I made this into a small skill challenge where the PC's used diplomacy, Insight, and other skills. Kriv had made one failure and I had the Magistrate (who the others had insulted before during the Assasins Creed adventure) ...

    Updated 01-24-2009 at 01:49 PM by wizarddog

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