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  1. Day One

    It all started on a cold....freezing day in Wisconsin, when I signed up for an account with Pen and Paper Games. Ok this is just random anyway to see how it tests out.
  2. Day One

    All right, looks like the first session went off with only a couple hitches. We had 4 of our 6 expected players but had a great time.

    The chacters started off with an ambush of kobolds while on the road to Winterhaven. these were dispatched but with the cleric falling unconsious. Luckily we had the paladin to fix him up and keep the him going. Other than the fact that the kobolds didn't seem to feel or show fear even when getting smacked like little *****es there didn't seem to ...
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  3. 4e And the Crimson Guard

    This Blog is about my work on 3.5 and 4e campaigns. Currently I am running a 4e. Link is below.

    Well things have been going well for the 4e Game. First session back in September was a TPK but I used it as a plot device. Now that I alternate between my Co-DM Kevin who runs Savage Tide, I can plan adventures with more time. I am not a big fan of published adventures only. I use plots and maps and change them to my own game. The crimson ...

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  4. First post.

  5. Getting down to Business

    Ok folks here's the skinny. First off we still don't know the characters Allen and Darby are playing, no biggie you still have time. If you don't have the phb I can get a digital copy to you through mionet. Keep in mind though, I have limited power outlets and no extra strips in my house.

    On to business, you're characters have all lived the last few years of their lives in Nathlekh City ( on the sword coast). It resides on the south easterly tip of the great Gulthandor forest. ...
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