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  1. What's been Going on in Kevin's Game 1

    My co-DM kevin is running a 3.5 of Savage Tide

    Kevin, Robert and Andrew play in my 4e game (and in my orginal 3.5). Andrew has taken a hiatus due to work. We have two other players Marcus and Shaun.

    PCs': At the start we had the following.

    me Human Swashbuckler
    Shaun Human Cleric of pelor
    Robert Halforc Monk
    Andrew Dwarf Duskblade
    Marcus Grey Elf Wizard
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  2. Still no players

    Oh well life is chaotic right now anyway. I did convince my wife to do some one on one shadowrun 2e though. hopefully it will rock
  3. Excavating character origins

    Maybe i misspoke or spoke too soon about all my notes.I forgot that most are them are handwritten and damned few made it to the digital age. In fact going digital was one thing that killed the campaign. So its a labor intensive process to put most of my notes on line. Is there a place around this site that accepts pdfs? I can scan notes to that in a heart beat.

    Meanwhile i dug out some early digital notes - written on the write program in the old Windows 3.0 days- and saved to floppy ...

    Updated 01-21-2009 at 12:57 PM by jerrykimbro

  4. Day Two

    Session two started with the party learning the hard way they should probably do some scouting before running into an enemy lair. The encounter started off not too bad. A few kobolds, only 2:1 odds, easy day. Then the armored kobolds showed up, and the spell caster, and Irontooth (a rather beefy goblin). First the paladin fell, then got back up and fell again. Next the ranger (melee) joined the land of the unconsious. Then the unbelievable happened. The warlock and cleric managed to kill ...
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  5. Kimbro Kronicles

    A BLOG for ME? To just post all the D&D stuff I have in my head? Oh that's very dangerous. I have 25 years of things that I thought NOBODY could understand- because no site anywhere has been exclusively for gamers- AND if they were only two or three people and their kid brother ever showed up .

    I HAVE no idea how many people are in this place- but I am enthralled- and I feel that I can open my D&D notes for the first time on line and have somebody read and appreciate them! ...

    Updated 01-19-2009 at 12:12 PM by jerrykimbro