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  1. Encounter A3: The Third Watch

    Encounter Level 1 (600 XP)

    1 Kobold Skirmisher
    4 Kobold Peltast
    4 Kobold Minions

    This group of kobolds is on its way to guard duty on the lower palisade. Characters can hear them approach as they are loudly talking and joking, unaware of the PC's presence and the danger just around the corner. The PC's have two combat turns to prepare an ambush. They may attempt to hide behind boulders and rockfall letting the kobolds pass them by in order to cut ...

    Updated 03-09-2009 at 04:55 PM by kirksmithicus

  2. Encounter A2: The Upper Palisade

    Encounter Level 1 (300 XP)

    4 Kobold Minions
    Slide Trap

    When the PC's enter this area they will most likely be investigating the entrance of the cave. The cave is not the entrance to the kobold lair, it is a trap. In fact, most of the upper palisade area is an elaborate trap designed to keep adventurers from finding the real entrance into the kobolds home. The entrance is concealed under the large rock slab on the left side of the upper palisade. When ...

    Updated 03-09-2009 at 04:55 PM by kirksmithicus

  3. The Angelics: meet Kithanimus

    The oneshot continues...

    Stretching their powers in discovery and struggling with their new identities, the tattooed angelics sought a church for answers. They discovered a potential corruption behind the curtain and followed it to the cemetery, which lead them to an underworld library and a town full of people that the angelics had difficulty fathoming.
    Uncertain after witnessing these people struggle to save a large wolfman trapped under an overturned car, and impressed ...
  4. Encounter A1: Kobold Mini(on) Fortress

    Encounter Level 2 (625 XP)

    2 Kobold Skirmishers
    12 Kobold Minions
    5 Giant Rats

    The characters have found the entrance to a kobold warren on the opposite side of a small wooded vale from where they are now located. The characters have a good view of the rockshelter entrance and may study it at length from their position of cover. In order to reach the rockshelter the characters must first move down the hill under the cover of dense undergrowth, trees ...

    Updated 03-09-2009 at 08:54 PM by kirksmithicus

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  5. Light

    Something I just noticed today when looking through the DMG is light sources. Apparently we have been kind of screwing up this whole light source thing. Torches we had almost right. the sunrod we cheated like a mo-fo.
    torch=radius 5 duration 1 hour
    sunrod=radius 20 duration 4 hours
    Lanterns kick some serious ass too.
    1 pnt of oil equals 8 hours of fun at radius 10, something to keep in mind for next time.

    Updated 02-27-2009 at 02:44 PM by Zaistars

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