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  1. Sick, sick and sick.

    Well we just got out of the hospital again, spent almost a week in for this visit. This time Nate developed a UTI that got into the blood stream. He developed a high fever that eventually went up to 105, got a little scary for a while. Just as they were about to transfer him to the PICU his fever came down. Took some serious antibiotics, and lots of ice packs to get it under control but they finally managed that. Spent the rest of the week in because Nate's blood pressure went high as well and ...

    Updated 02-20-2009 at 01:10 AM by kirksmithicus

  2. English for RPGs – Part 04

    I’ve found a couple more that I don’t like the look of, but seem to be okay.

    The plural of bus can be buses or busses, but to me, busses means kisses.
    Chord has an anatomical meaning, so I guess that “vocal chords” is acceptable.

    I’ll start this batch off with another mathematical quibble.


    You may recall from your grade school days that when dividing by a fraction, you “invert and multiply.” So, if you say “divide ...

    Updated 02-18-2009 at 12:43 AM by TAROT

  3. The Damned II (Session IV) - The Guide

    Session Date: January 17th, 2009

    The Players: Alucinor (The 'elven' Rogue), SpiffyBananaFoot (Tim the Eladrin Wizard), Corii (Snow the elven Ranger), Aidan (Red the Dragonborn Warlord), JonDOT (Mason, a human fighter), Krackmonkey (Jonas, Dragonborn Swordmage)

    A Boon
    Having dispatched the kobold chief and relieving him of his head, the party is once again transported via a dark portal back to Meliphisus' immense lair, stocked with treasure rivaling many nations combined. ...
  4. Border War Campaign Part 13

    Our group finally got together again after over a month away due to holidays and schedule conflicts. Admittedly, we goofed off quite a bit and didn't get much done in game. On top of this, we were missing Wataru's player due to prior commitments. To make up for this, I did some additional story development via online chat with him. Details of Wataru's background are coming back to haunt him, so to speak.

    Also, it bears repeating that Ominous Whispers is blind and can only "see" ...

    Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:59 AM by GoddessGood

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  5. The Angelics: discover ghouls

    We picked up from the last session to continue the one shot (two-shot?).

    The PC's discovered that their Angelic blood could turn humans into ghouls or vampires.
    The PC's walked into a trap at a nightclub in Detroit, where the good looking and friendly ghouls waited for their meal to fall victim to their well laid plans for dinner.
    Stretching their roleplaying muscles, the Players managed to learn a lot by having their characters cleverly kidnap a ghoul leader, narrowly ...