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  1. Chicagoland Gamers

    Hey everyone please be sure to join the Chicagoland Gamers Group here on Pen and Paper so we can meet more gamers in our area as well as get some more games going on for everyones enjoyment. You can post for any game area your looking for players whatever you need and so forth.
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  2. English for RPGs Part 05

    Id like to start this one off with a little bit of geography.
    If up is north, then:
    East is this way.
    And west is that way.
    Winds are named for the direction that they come from. An easterly wind comes from the east.


    adolescence (n) period of time between childhood and adulthood
    adolescents (n) (pl.) more than one teenager

    Adolescence was proving to be difficult for the psychic schoolgirls.

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  3. 4E Druids

    At the last game session that I attended we welcomed a new player to the game. So I am no longer the noob. The new guy is playing a Human Druid character. I eagerly welcomed a fellow human character to the game. After all, the other members of the group are all playing elves (Grimner Oathkeeper is the DM's character / quasi NPC) of various ilk. I'm not a big fan of Elves, never have been, and I was annoyed to learn that the Forgotten Realms setting has more pointy eared bastards than a Star Trek ...

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  4. No more 4e--back to 3.5 and Dark City

    Well it's official. My players want to go back to 3.5. I don't blame them. I was struggling with 4e and this campaign for a while and prefer to finish up this one and start my Brooding City campaign.

    The Brooding City D&D 3.5

    4e is not bad, but the was just that-simple.

    So now I am revamping Dark City

    For the ...
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  5. Whats been going on at Kevin's Game part 3

    My co-DM kevin is running a 3.5 of Savage Tide

    This next session was full of "Pick on Mikos". I became the target for much of the combats though (at leats after we killed a bunch of dinos really easily). Mikos got the classic "spot the Dire Tiger just before it leaps on you and thrashes you unconciousness. I was taken down by 1 pounce. So much for that spot check.

    In second major ...
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