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  1. 4e Bows: Fried extra crunchy

    I was looking at the weapons in the 4e D&D book and of course I happen to look at the bows again. I like bows, they are a very interesting and complex instrument. To boil them down into two simple categories, long or short, just annoys me. So I thought, why not make bows a little more crunchy and varied, but not overly so. There are a lot of details we could get into, but we'll keep this pretty simple, with only four options.

    [I also don't own the PH2, so if they have expanded the ...

    Updated 03-09-2009 at 04:59 PM by kirksmithicus

    4e Comments and Alternate Rules
  2. The Damned II (Session VI) - The Burning Mountains

    Session Date: February 14th, 2009

    The Sea of Silt

    The party recuperates its strength before finishing their difficult climb up the mountain pass and to the Sea of Silt. They do not sleep, of course, because their immortal bodies, or souls rather, don't require it, but they still need rest. They half hope that the Warlock will attempt another attack while they rest, and they are disappointed when he doesn't make a move that day.

    So recovered, the party finishes ...
  3. First adventure

    For my very first game of D&D I was playing a human wizard in a group of 5, our DM had us doing the burning plague which we lovingly gave the nick name of the burning pee to ^_^. Funny enough the entire adventure not once did I contract the disease to the dismay of my party members lol. Nearing the end of the adventure we pulled a maneuver that had our DM stunned we took a barrel of oil from one of the rooms and had our Ranger put the oil a few feet away from the boss. Then I used my burning ...
  4. Encounter A4: Deadfall Bridge

    Encounter Level 1 (400+ XP)

    4 Kobold Slingers

    The characters reach the end of a long tunnel that ends in an open area surrounded by sheer cliffs on all sides. They immediately notice that the sky is overcast and that it is raining steadily. Before them lies a small boulder strewn area divided by a large deep narrow crevice. The crevice runs the length of the area and is approximately 30 feet wide at its narrowest point. At the narrowest point the kobolds have ...

    Updated 03-09-2009 at 04:54 PM by kirksmithicus

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  5. Encounter A3: The Third Watch

    Encounter Level 1 (600 XP)

    1 Kobold Skirmisher
    4 Kobold Peltast
    4 Kobold Minions

    This group of kobolds is on its way to guard duty on the lower palisade. Characters can hear them approach as they are loudly talking and joking, unaware of the PC's presence and the danger just around the corner. The PC's have two combat turns to prepare an ambush. They may attempt to hide behind boulders and rockfall letting the kobolds pass them by in order to cut ...

    Updated 03-09-2009 at 04:55 PM by kirksmithicus