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  1. 4e Exploits #3

    A Bull by the Horns [Heavy Thrown Weapon Attack ?]
    The enemy charges but you throw your weapon and stop
    him in his tracks.
    Encounter <> Martial, Ranged
    Immediate Interrupt ---- Heavy Thrown
    One creature
    Attack: Strength vs. Fortitude
    Hit: 1 [W] + Strength modifier damage and you reduce the
    distance the enemy can charge by 1 + your Strength bonus.

    Rain of Steel [Heavy Thrown Weapon Attack ?]
    You and your comrades ...

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  2. Lost Leaflets

    I am a smurf. No no no. That won't do. That won’t do at all! I'm not talking about those bubble-headed, blue-skinned, baby-faced buffoons begotten by the slow decay of time and memory. I am talking about real Smurfs, who once lived and died, loved and cried, and experienced the full opulence of creation as you and I. I am talking about a true civilization, which sprouted and flourished long ago like a lily from the earth, revealing the candescent petals of conscious potential. A flower so ...

    Updated 03-18-2009 at 06:58 AM by PudgySmurf

    Chapter 1
  3. For King and Country: Character Background

    The following is background information on my character Milburn Latimer Harcourt III. An obnoxious Cormyran noble out adventuring for fun and profit. If you have been reading the Journal of said character you might not want to read his background, as it will spoil some surprises that will come up later in the campaign.

    All is not as it seems. Some of the entries in the journal are outright lies and coded messages that only Milburn knows the true meaning of. For instance, Milburn

    Updated 03-19-2009 at 11:47 PM by kirksmithicus

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  4. then there were four

    While I wait for my code to finish...

    So I introduced our party members last time. On the second night (and a lot of nights thereafter), there were four of us: human magic-user, human cleric, gnome illusionist thief, and me (elf fighter).

    We were sort of scatterbrained (and it probably pissed off our DM), because we had SOO many things to do (clear out the kobold cave, find the decaying hand [probably hand of vecna], and other ones that I don't even know about because ...
    1e reminiscing
  5. Hope You Like Zombie Apoc. Stories

    I'm not entirely sure what a blog is for, but since I probably won't use mine for anything I would call "important" I'll just write a story about stuff I think is interesting and if people tell me I did good I'll write more. I don't know if theres a section for this or not yet, but I'll try to post it somewhere appropriate. The story is about a survivor who survived terrifying ordeals and is trying to write them out in a journal/diary kind of writing hoping that if he doesn't make it someday ...

    Updated 07-16-2009 at 07:28 PM by Soft Serve

    Zombie Stories