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  1. Into the Haunted Fort they go

    Today the players finally located the keep they were looking for. Little did they know the keep turned out to be a small town that appears to have been partially destroyed. There isn't a visible complete building or structure anywhere. To top it off the place seems to be haunted. Phantasms of little girls, a terrier and we can't forget the phantasmal spider crawling up the cleric's leg.
    When first coming upon the keep and its surrounding town, the area didn't look much different than any ...
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  2. Level up Biznatches

    Ok guys, after further review of your xp and since we had an extended rest at the end of the last session I'm going to award your xp for what you have done the last couple of sessions. Each of you gets 1661, which should bring everyone to 7637 (look at me keep'n track of stuff). Can we say PING!!! Enjoy level six folks and be ready for a real challenge next week.
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  3. My new weekly Radioshow starring Sean Connery + Bill Clinton

    The First episode is up and I will be posting a new episode on Itunes and the Critical Hit Media website every week, subscribe now and get it automatically delivered to your itunes.

    Welcome one and all, to the launch of a new beggining in radio entertainment. Legendary actor, Sean Connery and Former President Bill Clinton have partnered to form a drive-time morning talk radio show the likes of which you've never seen on the radio, because seeing radio is the best way to it!! ...
  4. English for RPGs – Part 07

    I guess it’s time for another installment. I’m noticing a few common themes among the pairings that I’ve already covered, so I’ll try to do a more general one first.

    -TH v. -THE

    For these pairings that get confused, in general, a word ending in “-th” is a noun, and one ending in “-the” is a verb. (While “loath” is an exception as it is an adjective, its partner, “loathe” still follows the pattern.)

    The snake began to wreathe around the branch. They made ...

    Updated 12-14-2009 at 12:37 PM by TAROT (Added examples)

  5. National D&D Day, April 21st

    I had a very rare and precious Saturday to myself. So I went to this event promoting the release of the PHB2 at a local game store. I met some new people, ate some free food, got a free miniature, and got to play D&D for six hours.

    A total of eight people showed up to play in the game on Saturday. One ended up just watching, one left early and a second guy who came early for a later game substituted for him, plus one extra PC. This was the first time that I have met any of them. ...
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