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  1. Border War Campaign Part 14

    After having to skip a session due to bad scheduling, the stars aligned in our favor and we were able to bring in a new player. Zephyr Voltanis (if I'm spelling that right) is a Night Caste assassin and spy on a quest to take down the Realm one Dragon-Blooded at a time.

    Session was a little short again this time due to a few hours spent in character creation and general tomfoolery.

    Wataru, now Kageto once more, wanted to leave the area immediately now that ...

    Updated 03-31-2009 at 12:56 PM by GoddessGood

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  2. In the Beginning

    Where does this cursed circle begin? I surmise it starts at the beginning of all things. Before you. Before me. Before the earth, universe, and even the creator. For the beginning defines the end, like the drawing of a great circle. A circle so vast and unknowable, that nothing, neither the creator nor the greatest historian, could foresee its repetition, save one--a creature neither planned nor anticipated by the universe. I now hold the parchment which contains this discovery, penned and given ...
    Chapter 1
  3. 4e Forgotten Realms

    I've never played in a FR game before and I've only read one book relating to it. I bought the book primarily because I was unable to follow where we were and were going in the game I was playing in. Also to better educate myself about the setting so the DM does not have to stop and explain who, what, when, where and why all the time.

    I have not read the whole book yet, and probably won't for some time. I've read the first 80 pages or so and flipped through and read some things that ...

    Updated 03-19-2009 at 12:49 AM by kirksmithicus (I checked the book, i'm on page 80)

  4. 4e Exploits #4

    Stand and Deliver [Heavy Thrown Weapon Attack ?]
    The enemy swarm towards you in a never ending horde but
    you've chosen the spot to make your stand and all those who
    cross its threshold shall pay a dear price.
    Daily <> Martial, Ranged
    Standard Attack, Immediate Interrupt, Opportunity Attack ---- Heavy Thrown
    One Creature + Area, burst 2
    Primary Attack: Strength vs. AC
    Hit: 2 [W] + Strength modifier damage.
    Secondary Attacks:

    Updated 03-19-2009 at 12:14 AM by kirksmithicus (Altered Stand and Deliver exploit)

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  5. 4e Exploits #3

    A Bull by the Horns [Heavy Thrown Weapon Attack ?]
    The enemy charges but you throw your weapon and stop
    him in his tracks.
    Encounter <> Martial, Ranged
    Immediate Interrupt ---- Heavy Thrown
    One creature
    Attack: Strength vs. Fortitude
    Hit: 1 [W] + Strength modifier damage and you reduce the
    distance the enemy can charge by 1 + your Strength bonus.

    Rain of Steel [Heavy Thrown Weapon Attack ?]
    You and your comrades ...

    Updated 03-19-2009 at 12:14 AM by kirksmithicus (formatting)

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