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  1. New Guys

    Ok folks, it seems we have a couple guys to replace the ones we lost. It seems a Dragonborn Fighter and a wizard of some sort (TBD) will be joining our ranks. I am just giddy with anticiapation. Wait, this means I have to retool the adventure again....damn. Oh well it should be fun.
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  2. Short Session

    Due to unforseen complications today's session was pretty short.
    It started with the players in their little hidey hole taking a nap. At some point during the night (during the dwarf's watch) our dwarven and swordmage fellows disapeared. Upon awaking the party noticed the ground under them (all plant life, vines, and leaves) undulating ( I love that word). With the dissaparance of their comrads and no desire to face the enormous plant creature again they quickly headed off down the twisting, ...
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  3. first blog, look ma no hands

    ok, I am not sure how to do this so I will start in the middle of the story and go right to the begining.

    Ahem, I am a 38 (39 on May 17) stay at home dad. For a while my wife has bothered me to take a class so I have.

    I got a 27.5 out of 25 today on an essay. Even without the 4 pointas extra credit it was a 23.5 still an A. I have felt cheated because it was hard to get this. My last essay I got a 50.5 out 50. The problem was without the extra credit it would had only ...
  4. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Rickas tends to anyone who needs help recovering from the awful stench.

    Nobody seems to be injured, so he removes as much blood and gore from his morning star as he can and readies to move out.

    Until the illness wears off, the Hunter sits on his haunches, completing his stomach emptying as quietly as possible. His blades are still out and ready, but still. Gasping, he glares up at the door the Orcs came through. "We were followed. Perhaps even set up? There is little ...
  5. The Brooding City: Chapter 3 The Vault of Jasper Jewel

    Escaping the cultist of Brother Gunther, the resistance fighters make way into the vault of Jasper Jewel. Their rescued potential sacrifice still unconscious, they leave her comfortable in the corner as they search their surroundings. Upon observation, Garrit notices the sound of footfalls and sweeping. Evidence the chamber has been cleaned is shown by the piles of dirt and dust swept in the corners by an Unseen Servant.

    The chamber had only three doors to exit. The door to the south ...
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