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  1. Entering Elder Daven

    After leaving the sheriff behind in the custody of the village priest, the Ely, Rana and company continued on to Elder Daven.

    They nearly fell victim to a strangely clean ogre that was plying the "trade" on the road to Elder Daven.

    Heinrich managed to sneak up behind him and attempted to hamstring him but failed. When the ogre finally got the chance to go on the offensive, Heinrich found himself with a 50-pound great axe lodged in his left shoulder.
  2. National Novel Writing (starts promptly 1 Nov.every year); National Screenwriting to learn writing of dialog (starts promptly 1 Jun.every year)

    There are plenty of wonderful writers on this site, so what better way to initiate my first blog than giving up some great links for P&PG members to compete in writing challenges held online every year.

    National Novel Writing Month:

    Screenwriters Challenge 2009:

    Midnight Challenge 2009:

    Everyone feel free to add to my blog in any positive ...

    Updated 05-26-2009 at 10:12 AM by Arch Lich Thoth-Amon

  3. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Khan doesn't seem to notice the stench as he surveys the area. He looks at the bodies in the way they were killed.

    "Looking to see if those Orcs were aligned with the Sorcerer, not sure how only a few Orcs could take down this many foe even if it is over a time. They probably had help, used that ambush technique a few times, or more of them are around. I think the later...keep 360 coverage."

    With that Khan pushes forward nodding to the Ranger and Scout ...
  4. Player's Handbook 3 Playtests, my thoughts

    I'm not exactly sure how many of us here on Pen & Paper Games are Dungeons & Dragons Insider members, but I am, so I thought I'd share my thoughts on the Player's Handbook 3 Playtest articles they released. Keep in mind that these things might be changed before release...but here it goes

    Hybrid Classes

    The Wilden

    So my thoughts: ...
  5. What is your problem?

    So earlier today I went to the chatroom to help a player get his character ready for our online game for this weekend.

    I enter the room, say howdy (as per softserve's request), and send a PM (mind you) to the player.

    Then the conversation on general chat resumes as follows (to some effect):

    person b: hi yukon
    person a: sigh
    person b: what's the deal, can't say hi to yukon
    person a: he likes 4e
    person b: yukon, what do you play ...