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  1. Seattle by Night: Interlude

    Interlude: Tomorrow's Shadow

    This session had half as many players - just the one, Anthony's - as the first, so we played out a lot of the investigative legwork.

    Last time, our protagonists found themselves in the Carter family mausoleum, from a tip by local ectomancer Juno Shadix. A zombie-and-weird-spirit-thing fight left them with a few leads to follow. But which to pursue first? And how much information should be shared, in investigating the violation of the Fifth ...

    Updated 05-08-2009 at 04:14 PM by Sascha

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  2. The Society of the Upper Room

    The Society of the Upper Room
    The characters; Thalion (Elven Rogue), Rummy (Eladrin Wizard), Phaldara (Dragonborn Paladin), Taijiya (Eladrin Paladin), Bailim (Dwarven Fighter) and Tuan (Tiefling Rouge).
    The characters met cordially in the small village tavern. Tuan and Taijiya arrived together and Rummy and Thalion were familiar as well. Bailim was affable and Phaldara was reserved. The arrival of the town elder, an ancient dwarf by the name of Miller Damselgear brought the group together ...
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  3. Scarred Lands: The Journey South

    May 2, 2009
    Scarred Lands: The Journey South
    First Corday of Vangalot, 150 AV

    Immediately after being returned to life by the grace of Corean, Phoenix was immediately set upon by his comrades who all had questions about his experience in the afterlife. Rather than spill the entire disconcerting story of his time away from Scarn, the newly returned to life Phoenix decided not to tell his compatriots what had occurred. He instead told them that he remembered nothing from ...

    Updated 05-05-2009 at 01:08 PM by RMajere

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  4. Posted some camapign information

    I posted a couple discussions in the Steel Realms Destiny group. I have one more to go, but i have to think carefully about what i say in regards tot he primary campaign. Its interesting to realize that i have three campaign going - right now i am stil play testing some mechanics for my own system and world building with these sessions... three is a lot to GM, and wife, work, and home... but this is my hobby, this is what i like to do to have fun!
  5. First posting.. musings on finding players

    Its tough. I recently disbanded my main group because i was putting in too much effort to create a complete world without a lot of appreciation and attendance wore down. Finding good, consistent players is not easy. I prefer games with less combat and thats how i run it. Thats makes some players antsy.. but thats the style going in and so i'm not changing that. Few realize just how much effort it takes to create a consistent world thats got culture, places of interet, NPC's with depth... hell,i ...