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  1. Once again into the Rifts

    It has been a while but once again I find myself sitting in the big chair. Rolling dice and watching the events unfold as characters make really bad choises or just occasionaly screw up.
    So far they have faced vampires, a mutated she monster, and a train of death. Ironically most of the danger they have faced they created. Explosive decompression 750' below sea level because thier scientist frankly cant shoot. (Ok fine he hit his first target last game but every time the guy pulls his ...
  2. Penguicon 7, after action report.

    Con over time to start catching up with PnP, and life. Right now the house is upside down turned from a weekend of flying in and out. I have deliveries in the living room that I haven't even opened (everything arrived Thursday.) and opened boxes that have yet to be disposed of.

    Down side, no gaming this weekend. The Lugraica game was canceled due to three of us not being able to make it. And my Saturday game as well due to the Con. Result you are getting a Con report not a ...
  3. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Here is the updated party map of the dungeon they have traveled so far.

  4. Dark's Dungeon Crawl: In search of the Sorcerer : Day 1

    Resheathing his blades in favour of his bow, the Hunter readies an arrow for distance and covers his Gnomish companion. As Peebo discerns the magical trap, Kael seasrches his mind for what it might be.

    Peebo searches the door covering every inch and finds a trap on the door after close to ten minutes he discerns the trap to be some kind of magical trap. He has some experience with magical traps but he knows they are far more difficult to disarm than those of a mechanical nature...... ...
  5. The three mages: Part 3, the chaos army

    So after we level up, and pick up our goodies, a villager comes plowing into the store yelling, {insert town name} has been overrun by an army.

    The same town we left those mages in. Hmmm? Coincidence??

    So we gear up, and start heading towards the town. He wasn't kidding. There was a HUGE army. 30+ badguys, if not more. That doesn't include the 4 major players. Our three mages and this new guy.

    New guy: guy wearing some demonic looking plate ...
    1e reminiscing