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  1. Ravenloft Campaign Notes

    A wonderful week has passed and I dearly hope you all had a great relaxing Memorial Day weekend. For me, I had the chance to pick up the Monster Manual 2 for 4th Edition. Rather than just give a full review...I'll simplify and say it's great...buy it if your a dm and you won't regret it.

    In other news:
    For those of you that haven't been following I've been running Expedition to Ravenloft converted over to 4th Edition. My players and I have been loving every moment of it ...
  2. CT Campaign Report 1

    CT is the initials for the campaign setting using a cross between Modern Sagas and Fantasy Sagas produced by Ironwood Omnimedia. I can't really release too much information about. However, I can give some updates about how this Sunday's game went. (reposted from my blog)

    Getting To Know You
    First of all, I was unable to tweet like I wanted due to the connection at my friend's apartment being utter garbage. That little explanation out of the way, onto the details.

    Updated 05-26-2009 at 08:55 AM by ruelk

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  3. Astrology - how you can make it work

    Ok, we all know the fantasy theme of portents, omens, and prophecy. After years of trying, i think i finally found a way to make it work as an ability/skill (at least in my Incarna system). Without a lot of details, i'll give you all a working model.

    There is a basic assumption that it works. I have an entire treatise on belief and astrology and how belief can impact it - that's really up to the GM, i'll present the mechanic model here only.

    1) You must have ...
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  4. Old School and Hello

    Itís been a long while from my first dungeon. I laugh, looking back, on how basic and amateurish it was then. But as a young man I did not care, I was having fun and being creative. This was the early days of D&D, back when everyone was trying to define the hobby and what an RPG was supposed to be. Now the games are slicker, more professional and come in a wide verity of experiences. D&D has reved over and over, having little to do with its roots as itís moved forward in to someone else ...
  5. The Brooding City: Chapter 5 The Myst of Death

    Garrit and Sresika continue their investigations and daily lives in the district. When Garrit returns off shift he discover their normal watering hole, the Hooting Frog was bustling with activity late at night. The previous owner had loaded his belongs into a wagon while several wagons of materials and furniture were being moved in by bronze colored dwarves with red hair. The dwarves were busily giving the new tavern a face lift into a dragon and stone motif. Garrit talked to the previous owner ...

    Updated 05-25-2009 at 02:18 PM by wizarddog

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