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  1. Sick in Seattle, beautiful night for gaming...noooot!

    Well, this is the second day I've been sick and stayed home with a tension migraine and now... well, unmentionable bowels. Normally the Thug Life crew would meet, and we got 2 new characters coming in, a second story man and a bouncer from the brothels. Everyone was jazzed and who gets sick!? At least i have a CT scan tomorrow and may know more. If I'm dying, i swear my last act will be to roll some dice while kissing my wife! (OK, that last part was a joke, and a sad one... no judging!)
  2. The Good Old Days

    Ahhh...the good old days.
    It was on my 8th birthday when I received a gift that influenced the rest of my life: the red-box D&D Basic Set.
    I remember staring at the cover of the box, the dragon, the gold, the heroic figure ready to do battle, and getting a chill up my spine. For the next several years, I delved in dungeons, explored castles, wandered forests and accumulated wealth, magic, followers, lands, and experience.
    I negotiated with the Lord of the Keep on the Borderlands ...
  3. Society of the Upper Room, Session 2

    Before going on Taijiya decides that she cannot tolerate Rummy's repugnant handling of the goblin corpses. She declares that this is not the proper conduct for any Eladrin and demands the moonstone (precious to Sahanine, her deity) that Rummy found as her share of the treasure. Out of principle Rummy starts to refuse and has the support of Balim, who believes any deity who covets gems Balim helped find must be inherently evil. Tuan and Phaldara remain indifferent and only Thalion's coaxing forestalls ...
  4. Castle Ravenloft Session 1 / Part 1

    With the adventurer’s ready and decked out in their new gear they traveled to Castle Ravenloft. Up till now the party had a wizard with them, but after he went mad and obsessed with leaving the Dread Realm…they were left one short. Not really a problem these days in Barovia, as it seems that the mists have granted access to many an adventurer that now find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives. One such victim is Lucian, an Elven Avenger, who was lead by his god Correllon to fight a great ...
  5. Still looking for players - Dunstrand Rising campaign.

    We got one new player, still got some messages into people waiting to hear back. Its difficult, not everyone wants to learn a whole new system in addition to a new world with a new group - definitely not for the faint-hearted. But... hope springs eternal.

    Got one game this week and one coming up this weekend. Lord knows i'm not ready for the weekend... how do GM's make time to get all this done? It would sure be easier with a bought world and supplements, but it takes all the fun out ...