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  1. The Brooding City: Chapter 5 The Myst of Death

    Garrit and Sresika continue their investigations and daily lives in the district. When Garrit returns off shift he discover their normal watering hole, the Hooting Frog was bustling with activity late at night. The previous owner had loaded his belongs into a wagon while several wagons of materials and furniture were being moved in by bronze colored dwarves with red hair. The dwarves were busily giving the new tavern a face lift into a dragon and stone motif. Garrit talked to the previous owner ...

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  2. Astrology - I finally made it work

    I'm not giving away any secrets here, but i've been struggling to create a balanced and non-cheesy astrology skill for my game and finally did it. I need to play test it, but i had to do a shout-out. Could not play test it this session, and i gotta find some unwitting mage or priest in one of my games to try it out!
  3. Dunstrand Rising - Recovery of the Birthing Idol

    Sandovhal, Farold and Hap all meet back up in Braddon Bog to review the last few months of relative 'quiet' and discover many of their former companions dead. Enemies and events have transpired against them in a large way. Aruna has arrived from House Malor, at first seemingly to get more details on Morgent's death, bit it becomes apparent to all that she has come to take his place. Having no alternative and in desperate need of a magi's skills, she is accepted into the group. After much debate ...

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  4. D&D Game Day May 24th

    So on Saturday WotC sponsored the D&D game day. I went again, after attending the last game day, where I had a pretty good time. So this time I was a little more prepared with what to expect. So, overall the adventure was pretty good and the characters were easier to run, being that they were lower level. They used figs from the new Heroes line of miniatures. The use of old figs being a complaint of mine last time. So that was cool. This time I played an Eladrin Wizard, neither the race or class ...
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  5. I <sarcasm> Love </sarcasm. Home Improvment.

    No gaming reports? Wonder why?

    We are painting the bedroom and repairing the damaged plaster work this week. Sue is home form work. We started Monday, and have yet to touch paint.

    Rip out the damaged plaster and remove the bottom window trim. Two slight nicks to the right hand. Par for the course in demo work. That went simply enough.

    Big Issue, the window sill is split, warped and rotting. Must be replaced. Custom cut hunk of wood made by some long ...