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  1. Rifts Anyone?

    Looking to run an online game of rifts. I won't be able to start one right away, but looking for Feb. I haven't played in a long long time so would be a bit rusty, and I tend to make my world up as I go, loosely based of the books, BUT if you are interested let me know. Email me I am not on pen and paper much, trying to get change that
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  2. SWSE Custom Items: Redde's Hand Canon

    So here is the first customization that Redde put together. Just a pistol, with some extra pop. Something to keep you safe around the shadier sabacc tables.

    Redde's Hand Canon, Medium Pistol
    Rate of Fire: S Stun DMG: N/A Weight: 1.5kg.
    Ammo: 100 of 100 Power Source: Power Pack x2
    Type: Energy Availability: Military
    Cost: 8000 credits Damage Roll: 3d6+3 Attack Roll: -1
    DMG Rolls: +1 DMG per die

  3. Star Wars Saga: A trip through a long, long time ago...

    Hey there nerds! I am Mac, and I will be posting some articles an items from my favorite game system: Star Wars RPG, Saga Edition. I hope to kick start some fun times in regards to this game here on this site, as well as others that I visit from time to time.

    My blog will include some tech specialist stuff from the Original Redde:Yohan! He has a small shop now, but is getting close to owning his own hanger bay, and aspires to own his own spaceport! Anhow, I thought i would start ...

    Updated 01-05-2014 at 01:48 AM by Yohan Redde

  4. Numenera Stream-of-Consciousness Quasi-Review

    by , 12-28-2013 at 11:10 AM (Inside lives a goblin that feeds on indecision.)
    So far I've read the Player's Guide and skipped through the core book. I'm not sure whether I like Numenera or not.

    The central mechanics are pretty cool:

    • The system requires only three dice: a d20, a d6, and a d100. (OK, a d100 is two dice unless one is brave/stupid enough to use a Zocchihedron.)
    • Every challenge -- from combat to a steep climb to a seduction -- has a Rating from 0 to 10. 0 is trivial, an automatic success; 10 is nigh-impossible. To beat
  5. 'Bout Dang Time

    Been gone, haven't I? Well, I'm back,and I've got news. Over here ( I' working on a new version of Mythus (a rewrite basiccally) and you get to comment on it.

    Comments always welcome on the following blogs:
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