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  1. hi

  2. Watching the Clock

    I'm counting down the minutes till I leave for our next game session. I don't know about you other players out there in Pen and Paper Games land...but before a game I get psyched! I don't care if I'm dming or's what I look forward to for two solid weeks. Watching the Clock tick tock it's way till my departure just makes me all the more anxious to go and see what everyone is going to do tonight...what jokes will be made? Who's going to roll well (or horribly)?, Who will die...and ...
  3. Home Improvement 2: Revenge of the Tools

    Long done short, we didn't get it finished. All the field work was done Monday but the trim is still being worked on. So the room is going back together slowly, and we have gaming tomorrow. (UGH!!)

    Friday gaming is canceled this week due to three players being out sick. One I am worried about. The fellow has MD and can barely move. (He is in a power chair.) The flu is not a minor matter for him.

    Well hopefully we will be back to normal next week with Friday gaming. ...
  4. 1/4" = 10'

    Graph paper. I think about it, I have tons of the stuff about the house, reams of it. Light blue quad rule paper. For all the changes in the RPG community, for all the rules that have come and gone..taking a moment to remember Powers and Perils..moment done..The most humble of all is the paper we map our dreams with. That and a number two pencil was the closest I was ever able to play god. Making four lines on a piece of graph paper suddenly created a universe. Just lines on paper and some hastily ...
  5. Thug Life - Cash in and Sold Out

    Our group finds itself needing some bigger scores, funds is getting low. They've recruited 'Twitch' - a nervous, second-story burglar as part of the crew now and he brings some needed skills, a jittery (though light) touch and good physical and thief skills.

    Jimmy the Cod hears of a new game opening up in Larkin Alley and hes been practicing his gambling skills. The group goes and stays for a night in this low class back alley den. Jimmy has incredible luck and walks away with a big ...

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