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  1. The Player Search + uppcoming events

    So far a bust on PnPG, but was able to find one outside the forum - friend of a friend. Thats old news, and she games well. She really nailed the persona of a magus - though the characters were not necessarily happy, the players all felt she did a good job. Posted a campaign notice on PnPG and casting the net a bit wider.

    I'm bummed that most of my players will not be available on the day of the solstice, but i understand. We've moved the date by a weekend - that means three weeks ...
  2. Prologue: Roll of the Dice...

    I thought i would share my experiences from my time working at a game store in North far, it was my favourite job...but then again, what would be the downside of getting paid to play games? However the point of my narrative is from the perspective of those who work at the store...this is the first installment of my ongoing tale...

    With great reservation, do i rise from the stool behind the counter, flanked by the protection of glass display cases containing the various ...
  3. Online Role Playing

    I've played RPG's for years now but have recently moved to an area with no players. I've been thinking about joining an online group but it seems there are a lot of different options and I want to make sure to join the right group. I'm just looking for advice from others who have played online as to what I should be looking for and what to expect. Are certain platforms better than other?
  4. The Group

    Today our group was created here on Pen and Paper Games - the Universal Solvents! (at least until a better name comes along)

    Sadly, as of last week we have lost one of our players to law school (no rules lawyer jokes come to mind, sorry).

    I'm hoping that this will prove a great place to meet some new faces and that there will be many great sessions ahead of us.

    I have proposed an idea to the 3 current players of the group of a "monstrous" adventure ...
  5. Blisters and Sweat. Adventure Construction

    Starting any new project is hard. Once the basic plan is in place itís just a matter of rolling up the sleeves and starting to work.
    (Distraction #1, TV)
    Yep, just jumping in and working from the start, eager to get started, just jumping in.
    (Distraction #2, PS3, Assault on Dark Athena)
    O hell. Yes, creating and adventure can be a rewarding experience, one you can share with friends and now with people you have never met and would most likely run screaming from if met in ...