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  1. Star Wars The Old Republic

    I know this is off-topic, but it's my blog so here it is...everyone...I have a confession to make....I'm a GAMER!!!! Not just pen and paper games...but all games. I own an xbox 360 (currently down with the red ring of death...), a psp, boatloads of games, and yes I do have a subscription to World of Warcraft (though honestly not as addicted to it as I once was).

    So I've been following The new Star Wars MMORPG that Bioware (you dnd fans might recognize that they did the Neverwinter ...
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  2. Session 17

    by , 05-31-2009 at 01:05 PM (cplmac's campaign logs & blogs)
    As we reconviened, the party had pretty much took care of the Troglodytes and thier champion came out and croaked a challenge, which Flemin eagerly accepted. The two engaged in battle, which found the troglodyte over matched, due to Flemin's -3 AC and 18/66 strength for extra damage when fighting. With the champion defeated, the remaining 2 troglodytes fled down a passage and the party checked out the dead to see what they may be able to use. Weslocke picks up one of the morning stars and Hockerbrecht ...
  3. Reboot

    Reboot. Interesting word. It once meant that your system crashed and you needed to
    Damn my system crashed. Where was I. O yes Reboot is a term that tells us that a new creative team can take an old IP and recast it in to something new. Thus bypassing all of the old lore and giving us a new story to tell with old characters. The new Star Trek comes to mind, no spoilers here, if you know, you know.
    In RPG Id say that 4.0 looks to be a reboot. Same basic idea, ...
  4. hi

  5. Watching the Clock

    I'm counting down the minutes till I leave for our next game session. I don't know about you other players out there in Pen and Paper Games land...but before a game I get psyched! I don't care if I'm dming or's what I look forward to for two solid weeks. Watching the Clock tick tock it's way till my departure just makes me all the more anxious to go and see what everyone is going to do tonight...what jokes will be made? Who's going to roll well (or horribly)?, Who will die...and ...