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  1. The cascading adventure idea

    So, preparing for this weekend's adventuring. Last time, the group took off in a different direction than anticipated and i had to wing it, with some help from one of the other players who is a secondary GM as well. This time, i thought i would b ready, by now the play dictated a certain course of action. So i came up with a starting scenario to tie some loose ends together, this then turned into an excursion, which then turned into 2 excursions, which all total now i've got a full blown adventure ...
  2. Roll of the Dice...Part II...

    Its 11:15, too early in the day to deal with the comings and goings of those who know not what they speak of. Its been 10 minutes since i left the desperate housewife in a quandry about the classifications of games. I think she shed a neuron when she came up with this clarification...

    'Oh, THOSE games, like monopoly!' she concluded, a sly grin of mediocre acheivement chisled to her botox-injected face.

    I just nodded, fearing that anything i say at this point would just ...
  3. Society of the Upper Room, Session 3

    As the party recovers from the battle with the corruption corpse and it’s undead companions and they meet the arrival of Talos, a tiefling warlord/skald who was directed to the ruins by old Miller from Harken Village. While not the most insightful of adventurers, Talos only needed to follow his nose to the stench that now permeates the party. It is decided that Jammy’s gift of the Acrobat Boots is to go to Thalion. Jammy reminds the group that they shouldn’t go into the room across the way as ...
  4. Campaign Invite for Steel Realms Destiny

    Temple Order added a Campaign Invite
    on PnP for Steal Realms Destiny.
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  5. After Action, May 30th.

    Ron -- Johnny male Elf, Toymaker
    Sue M -- Sharpy female 1/2 Elf fighter
    Tom -- Sy male mostly human psionic
    Sue S -- Nelida female mostly Human cleric with a few tricks.

    The session started with a bit of basking in the successful run to New City. It was decided to do some intelligence on the other gangs in the area, and see what it was going to take to absorb them. Discussed were:

    The Wallmen, a gang pieced together out of two fighting groups. ...