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  1. Hello World!

    I have a blog here too? Here I thought this place was just a forum with player searches built in.

    Anyway, may as well say something about myself since I'm here.

    I've been playing tabletop games for a while. Back in High school and college I DMed and played D&D 2nd Edition a lot. After college when real life gave me a kick in the pants and the play time dwindled. The group moved to various places for jobs and we never really could find more players to fill in. ...

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  2. The Unending Work of an Independent System

    Well, i've collected all the feedback for version 1 of my own game system i published. At the height, we had three play test groups going. I've started the mammoth task of revision for the free core rules. I'm still sticking to my guns for the basic approaches - learning curves, action and counter action, single check resolution... but a few things are going to change. We went into too much detail on a few things and important text got buried, and we tried to explain too much in the core mechanics ...
  3. Castle Ravenloft Session 2 : A Swift POKE in the EYE

    The best part of writing scary monsters is seeing how the group handles the situation. Though I'm happy with how I modified Strahd, modifing the EYE of Strahd gave me an equal satisfaction.

    We go back to 7th the original Expedition to Castle Ravenloft encounter named, "the crossroads", where they met the last remaining Paladin storming into battle against some murks (kinda like shadows)...but I played this encounter's boring, it's kinda easy...and there ...

    Updated 06-06-2009 at 06:34 PM by Tamerath

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  4. Placing down some thoughts about my Sandbox game.

    So I have been trying to hold off on placing data down to my 3.5 Sandbox Campaign called Esurdia. (Yes I stole the name from Red Steel, but it worked.) The game started as a 2nd Ed. game but then it went on hiatus and then came back as a 3.5 game. It is currently on the shelf again, but I have been getting an itch to run it again. this is why I wanted to put something down digitally, just in case.

    The idea for it all started with me being tired of Elf character dominating game play ...
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  5. 3 characters

    Results from last night:

    Githyanki psychic warrior
    Tortle cleric
    Poison Dusk Lizardfolk Ranger

    The githyanki is of evil alignment, but the others are not fully decided yet. The players are beginning at ECL 3. I'm curious to see how their first mission unfolds.