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  1. Society of the Upper Room Session 3 *The Note*

    Attached is the note taken from the one of the half-orcs that was carrying the children bound in webbing.
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  2. Esurdia the move from 2nd Ed. to 3.5

    So as my Sandbox game was going the news hit the street that 3.0 was coming out. I heard a lot about the changes coming and thought this would be great as I had a large number of multi-classed demi-humans, especially Half-Elf Fighter/Clerics. I also liked the dropping of the class kits and specialty priest. So I was set for the new rules. Little did I know how wrong I was.

    At the time of the release I was working for Games Workshop in one of their retail stores, thus the majority of ...
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  3. An unendning battle with player scheduling

    Well, it never ends. I sit here, wringing my hands and gnashing my teeth (well, figuratively anyway), worrying about who will be able to make it to tomorrow nights game. I hate not knowing how many people will show up. The games designed around this and to be more fun with less drama... but i still have a problem letting go. I still WANT to put a lot of effort into it, and i can't help it.

    the expectations have been set and yet i always seem to expect a higher bar. Its weird to think ...
  4. The Brooding City Ch 6 The Cage of Delirium

    Clara Haven appears to Srieska asking for help in finding her brother, Nathanial Haven who has been committed to the Havenhold Asylum for the Insane. With Professor Gray still missing, the group decides to aid her in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of their fellow resistance fighter.

    Sreiska learns that a employee of Thorma’s at the Redbrick had told Clara where to find her. It appears rumors have her and Professor Gray as an item, much to Srieska’s dissastifaction. The Professor ...
  5. The Brooding City Adventure Five: Chapter 5

    The resistance continues its trek through the artificial tunnels dug by the kolbolds between the sealed crypts of the Lords. Srieska, with her new demenor, demands the tomb of Lord Roaringhorn be plundered. Thoram, the Dwarven Duskblade, detects magic of moderate power on the lid’s surface. Srieska is undeterred and She pushes it open and a dark cloud shaped like a skull engulfs here. To every one’s amazement, it does nothing to her. They find a magical amulet and several bits of jewelery.