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  1. Sandbox part 3... The Compainions

    So yesterday I started on the History of Esurdia by bringing forth the brothers three. Now I want to talk about their friends: Simon, Talen and Xyleon.

    Simon was Praxis' best friend and fellow paladin. He was charming, and wise, compared to Praxis being strong and enduring. When I created Simon I actually had his look down pat and thus gave him his full name, which only one of my starting players figured out the joke: Simon Le Bon. While Praxis was the great sword kind of guy Simon ...

    Updated 06-08-2009 at 09:25 AM by deathboy

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  2. Roll of the Dice...Part III...

    'Yeah, that was something else...' my customer replied...

    Trying to purge the memory from my mind, i quickly changed the subject...'how's the card racket going?' His phone rang...

    'Good man, i'm going up to GenCon...they've got a tourney in one of the other hotels, got a big purse, so i'm going to check it out.' he replied. Holding up a finger, he answers the phone...after a moment...'Hang on a sec,' he says to the caller...'hey man, gotta go...thanks again...come on ...
  3. Sandbox Campaign part 2

    So I had four basic ideas down about my world and the game I wanted to run. So I set about working more on the back story. This is where I I wanted to get the ideas of the events of the Historic leaving of the Elves.

    It started with three brothers. I simply named them Amaranth, Methuselah and Praxis. (Yeah I know I was being lazy but hey again it worked.) The order they are listed in was their birth order.

    Amaranth was a broken man who was forced to give himself to his ...
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  4. Hello World!

    I have a blog here too? Here I thought this place was just a forum with player searches built in.

    Anyway, may as well say something about myself since I'm here.

    I've been playing tabletop games for a while. Back in High school and college I DMed and played D&D 2nd Edition a lot. After college when real life gave me a kick in the pants and the play time dwindled. The group moved to various places for jobs and we never really could find more players to fill in. ...

    Updated 06-07-2009 at 02:29 PM by Q-man

  5. The Unending Work of an Independent System

    Well, i've collected all the feedback for version 1 of my own game system i published. At the height, we had three play test groups going. I've started the mammoth task of revision for the free core rules. I'm still sticking to my guns for the basic approaches - learning curves, action and counter action, single check resolution... but a few things are going to change. We went into too much detail on a few things and important text got buried, and we tried to explain too much in the core mechanics ...